March 2018


I just wrote a blog and it wouldn't post. What is going on.

election polling

Second attempt. I just received a long 4th Congressional District polling call. They listed a number of positive and negatives about each candidate and asked your opinion. Did anyone else get polled? Also while in Ohio at my father in laws I got the same type of poll about Democratic candidates for Ohio Governor.

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First installment for American Legion property comes due

It’s smart to plan ahead before making a big purchase. Chapel Hill didn’t do that when it decided to buy the American Legion property for $7.9 million, and now Chapel Hill taxpayers are paying the price. The parks and recreation facilities we thought we were getting when we voted for bonds in November 2015 will be postponed indefinitely, sacrificed for the purchase of the American Legion property.

Flush with $3.6 million in surplus in fall 2016, Town Council decided to rush ahead with the purchase of the longtime home of American Legion Post 6, a 35-acre piece of property. Post 6 had an option with a private developer, who planned to put housing on part of the site and agreed to work with the Town to program part of the site as a public park. (Use of part of the site to expand the adjoining Ephesus Park is a long-time Town goal.) However, even more housing near what is now called the “Blue Hill District” was too much for some Councilmembers. Instead, Town Council decided, it made sense to buy the property.

List of All Local 2018 Candidate Forums

We're collecting a list of all 2018 primary forums for local offices. If you see one not on our list, let us know.

New Pool of Potential Volunteers?

Chapel Hill is creating a cluster of older adults living near one another on Homestead Road. The Courtyards at Homestead Road already exists. It is an age-restricted neighbood of 63 "patio style" homes for people over 55. There is a proposal under consideration for another age-restricted apartment buidling adjacent to the The Courtyards that will add 190 housing units for older adults. Many of the residents in these two communities will be retired. Some might be interested in opportunities to volunteer time at one of the many valuable nonprofit agencies in Chapel Hill. I hope the nonprofit network, perhaps with support from the Chapel Hill Human Services Advisory Board, will create strategies to tap into this pool of potential volunteers.



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