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Kent v. David: Positive Discussion or Pointless Distraction?

Kent Kanoy has annouced plans to run against David Price here in North Carolina's 4th congresional district. Given that this district would vote for a dead, not just yellow, dog democrat (despite a sizable GOP minority) is this a positive way for progressives to get a voice, or a distraction when we can least afford it? I think the first.

He seems to view his primary challange as a referendum on what Price should be doing in 3 important areas: Iraq (sign on to the Murtha Resolution), Impeachment (sign on to the Conyers Resolution to investigate Bush), and a single payer national health system.

Kanoy is not taking campaign contributions and is not wealthy so this won't likely be a competetive race in the traditional sense. But if we can't hold an elected Democrat accountable here, where can we? Obviously it would be best to not burn bridges though...

· Kanoy's Official Campaign Website
· Price's Official Campaign Website
· Interview with Kanoy on BlueNC.com


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