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Superior Court 15B Candidate Forum Wednesday Night

The Orange County Young Democrats will hold a forum with all four candidates for Superior Court on Wednesday, Oct 11th at 7pm in Room 4085 of the UNC School of Law.

Directions to the Law School are available at www.law.unc.edu. Parking is available in the lot adjacent to the law school after 5pm and additional parking is also available in the School of Government lot.

Money and Judges

Judge Chuck Anderson says he is not going to accept campaign contributions from attorneys or political action groups during his primary for Superior Court. There is a whole section about 'judicial independence' on his website, which talks about how he would like to try to not accept donations from attorneys who may have an interest before him. I checked out Adam Stein and Alan Baddour's websites, but I could not find if they were doing the same thing or not. They might be, but I could not tell from their websites.


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