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Wilson Library looks back at desegregation in Chapel Hill

The Manuscripts Department at Wilson Library at UNC will host its first panel discussion (in a weekly series of three) on Tuesday January 30, 2007 at 5:30pm. Each Tuesday, a panel discussion will be held to discuss a theme relating to the exhibit, "I Raised My Hand to Volunteer: Students Protest in 1960s Chapel Hill", which is now on view on the 4th Floor of Wilson Library.

This first panel is a very rare chance to hear key leaders and participants reflect on their involvement in the desegregation movement in Chapel Hill in the 1960s. On January 13, 1964 the Chapel Hill Town Council (then the Board of Aldermen) voted down an ordinance by a vote of 4-2 which would have provided public accomodations in all town businesses. The decision meant that theses businesses would remain segregated until the passage of the Civil Rights Act.

January 30: Panel Discussion, 5:30-7 pm, Pleasants Family Assembly Room, Wilson Library
Pressing the Hold-outs: The Desegregation Demonstrations of 1963-64

Moderator: Sally Greene: Chapel Hill Town Council Member and UNC-Chapel Hill adjunct law professor

Secret Cafe

Oh that bookstore's at it again, what with their guerrilla fundraising and the secrets, oh the secrets...

Do you like to eat food? Good. You're invited to eat some secret food, in a secret place, for a not so secret good cause. Internationalist Books & Community Center is hosting a secret cafe.

Saturday Aug 26, 2006
at 7:00 PM

Secret! call 919-942-1740 for info!
Carrboro, NC 27510, USA

or email them for the shibboleth at: might be the best meal you never ate.


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