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Endorsements, please!

I'm doing a happy dance here in Egypt because I just received my Orange County absentee ballot, with plenty of time to send it back to Hillsborough before Election Day. I'll be mailing it off in the next day or so.

If you're ready with your endorsements, I'd love to hear them. I'm especially interested in opinions on non-partisan races and anything else where a straight-party Democratic vote might not be the way to go.





Endorsements, please!

We have a big primary in North Carolina this year. I'm overseas and will be voting as soon as I get that ballot in hand. So, please share your endorsements here! Especially for the local and state offices; I'm already pretty clear on the presidential primary.

Editor's note: Joan wrote this a month ago, when many of us hadn't made up our minds. I think now people will have more to say. Consider this an official special rules thread. That is: You may only mention candidates that you are endorsing, please do not discuss people you don't support or why you don't support them. Comments that don't follow these guidelines will be removed. Thanks. =Ruby

The Local Angle on John Edwards's Hair

Local activist (and former renter of dorm fridges--anyone else remember that?) Erik Ose has a piece today in titled, "I saw John Edwards in the shampoo aisle." Maybe some other OP-area readers have had similar encounters, though I have not.

I'm pointing this out because, first of all, it's weird when you see the name of someone you know in the national news when you weren't expecting it (Ose, not Edwards!).

Further, does this have repercussions for our local economy? What if Orange County resident Edwards spent $400 on eight hair cuts at Moshi Moshi? Or on sixteen haircuts at Sid's? Or even more haircuts at the barbershop in Northside?

And now, onto the actual issue here: I have been wondering what local folks think about this issue, of our wealthy neighbor who is also advocating for the poor. Is this a problem? Contradiction? Or none of our friggin business?

(Elizabeth Edwards, if you are reading this... please forgive me!)

300 East Main Project

The Herald-Sun reports,

Developers of the 300 East Main Street project in Carrboro have rearranged and resubmitted their application to town staff members in hopes of hastening the project's approval and possibly beginning construction toward the end of 2007.

The development, which will include a hotel, office space, retail shops and restaurants, has been broken into two separate conditional use applications, said Laura Van Sant of Main Street Properties, the company that owns the strip mall and surrounding properties.

Read the full story here.

Van Sant also said the hotel interested is a "mid-priced national chain." I'm eager to see a hotel in Carrboro, but I hope it doesn't come with huge, tacky signs.

What are other folks thinking about this project? Are there still concerns? Or are we ready for this?


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