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By my estimation, five sitting Chapel Hill Town Council members are preparing to vote "yes" on Charterwood, in direct violation of their sworn oaths. Specifically, they will be rezoning a tract of land with full knowledge that their actions will have significant and costly impacts on hundreds of citizens and property owners who live downstream of the development.

How do I know this will happen?  All I had to do was open my eyes this morning. Here is a picture of sediment from Weaver Dairy Road running from Cedar Fork Creek into Eastwood Lake.Despite the best, state-of-the-art efforts of the highway contractors working on Weaver Dairy, every significant rain event has resulted in extensive silt pollution that Lake Forest homeowners will have to pay to remove.


Five council members (including Mayor Kleinschmidt) have basically said "tough shit" to people living in Lake Forest and also around Lake Ellen.  They have basically said, "We know Charterwood will be a problem for you and we don't care." 

Here a chick, there a chick

I hope someone somewhere is developing a plan to oust Chick-Fil-A from University Mall once and forever.  Sure the company has a right to think whatever it wants, but it doesn't have a right to sit smack dab in the middle of our town in a perpetual contract with the mall owners. 

Over the years, there have been countless boycotts and civil uprisings against dastardly corporate interests ... only a few of which have had any impact at all.  So in the spirit of crowdsourcing, I'm throwing this question open to the community at large.  

What can we do as a group of citizens to turn Chick-Fil-A's public positions on gay rights into a corporate liability and get the company out of our town?  At a time when Christian homophobes are coming out of the woodwork to celebrate the company's discriminatory policies, is there not something we can do ...symbolic, practical, or otherwise ... to rise to this challenge?

I'd especiallywelcome input from the lawyers among you who might be able to think outside the box.



Will Chapel Hill get it right?


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