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Carrboro Lacking Simple Sign of Common Ceremonial Respect

Recently, members of the North Carolina Air National Guard left their homes in the Charlotte area to serve the people of South Dakota in reaction to the out-of-control forest fires.  Two days ago, when a C-130 cargo plane was carrying fire retardant to the fires, the plane crashed.  Four members lost their lives and two were injured.  While the names of the injured have yet to be announced, the four who lost their lives in service to others were: Lt. Col. Paul K. Mikeal (pronounced like "Michael"), 42, of Mooresville, N.C.; Maj. Joseph M. McCormick, 36, of Belmont, N.C.; Maj. Ryan S. David (pronounced da-veed), 35, of Boone, N.C.; Senior Master Sgt. Robert S. Cannon, 50, of Charlotte.

As a ceremonial sign of respect, there was a gubanatorial declaration to lower the American flag to half-staff for today.

But not in Carrboro.  Both the American flags in front of Town Hall and in front of the Carrboro Century Center remained at full-staff all day.

What does this say about Carrboro values, and on the eve of the most patriotic day of the year? 

WSM BoD Meeting Answers "How Bad Can It Get?"

The Weaver Street Market Board of Directors will meet Wednesday December 17 at 201 North Greensboro Street downtown Carrboro at 6:15pm.  The Board will seek to answer the question posed in last month's meeting: "How bad can it get?"  This is regarding the negative cash flow in the last fiscal quarter.

In the last fiscal quarter, the worker-owners did not receive a dividend.  Consumer-owners receive a dividend as a point-of-sale discount.  Is this fair?

Basically, if you own a share in the Co-Op, this is the one Board meeting you need to attend!  Contact WSM BoD Chair J. Myers at to inform him you will attend (meal provided by Panzanella Restaurant) and to receive an emailed copy of the meeting agenda.

I really want additional co-op owners to attend! 


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