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Last year, when I took a job as city editor of The Daily Tar Heel, it was clear to me that our role in Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Orange County was growing. We needed to be proactive with our coverage to fill a gap left as other local news organizations scaled back.

As I prepare to be the DTH  editor-in-chief in the fall, I know filling that gap means more than just providing the news -- it means letting people in the community know they can count on us to do so.

Because we're a student-run newspaper catered primarily to a University audience, we need to work harder to let you know you can trust our coverage of local issues, from elections to business to the waste transfer station debate.

What do you want on a voting guide?

The Daily Tar Heel is planning on making a voter guide to be published on early voting day -- a page that Orange County voters can take with them to the polls from Oct. 15 until Election Day. We're envisioning a chart that you can use to match Chapel Hill and Carrboro candidates with their plans for addressing issues that are important to you, so you can compare them.

We've made a list of issues that we think concern those candidates. Some are more for Carrboro, some are more for Chapel Hill:

- economy
- development
- town-gown relations
- safety
- panhandling
- immigration
- environment

I want this guide to be as useful for voters as possible. What would your list look like? What are we misisng?


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