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Run off on OCSB between Anne Medenblik & Laura Nicholson!

The key to this run off is to know your candidate.  I am very surprised that none of this came out in the election….



Laura Nicholson – Has not paid their taxes (remember that almost 50% of taxes goes to education!)


Look it up yourself!

Is Donna Coffey an Orange County School Board progressive candidate?

I know there has not been a lot of talk about the Orange County School Board Race but....  

Does anyone know what is going on with Donna Coffey?  I see that she got the endorsement by the INDY, but she is also getting the endorsement from the Orange County Republican Party as “the conservative candidate”, in fact they had a meeting 2 Saturday’s ago (17th) at the Cedar Grove Ruritan Club to Introduce her….

You can't be a Progressive Candidate if you’re endorsed by the Orange County GOP as “The Conservative Candidate”!


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