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What's the best means to generate $8.8 million for Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools?

Since I mentioned-it yesterday during the Orangepoltics' Open Editors meeting, I thought to share the matter here online at 

I was struck by the bubbling passion from parents and property owners who spoke during last Thursday's (May 30, 2013) County Commisioners' meeting. In short, those who spoke before the Commisioners pleaded for a tax increase, in part, to fund an 8.8 million dollar deficit for the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School Systems.  

As discussion continues over this matter through the budget season and to gain a better perspective on how this tax increase should come about, I think it would be helpful forVictoria Templeton, Hunter Pendleton, and James Easthom to take hold of this dialogue and elaborate on the means to make-up the 8.8 million school budget deficit. 

Similarly, if this has been addressed in a prior post, kindly forward me the details.


In my review of past OP content on taxation, it's been a while [3-4 years] since post were made about special use tax or property tax.


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