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Collins Ridge Master Plan in Hillsborough—Why I Voted Yes

The Hillsborough Town Board voted 3-2 on March 14 to approve a master plan for the Collins Ridge development project in central Hillsborough. Commissioner Jenn Weaver summarizes the issues and discusses why she voted yes.

Why I'm running for Hillsborough Town Board

Hello Orange Politics friends - I filed on July 5 to run for Hillsborough Town Board, below is my "why I am running" statement. Thanks for reading!

Why I am running for Town Board

Hillsborough is a wonderful place to live. Its historic small town charm, tightly knit community, diversity, and commitment to parks and walkability make it a true gem of the Triangle. As more people discover Hillsborough, our greatest challenge will be maintaining our small town charm while making the town an affordable place to live, work, and play.

If I am elected to represent you on the Town Board, I would work to guide Hillsborough through this time of intense interest from developers to make wise choices about the kinds of development we approve.  We need to consider traffic, water and sewer needs, affordability, accessibility, and the aesthetic contribution any development or major change we make.


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