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CHCCS votes to expand Mandarin Dual Language



Towing regulations on hold

Because of the injunction awarded to George King, owner of George's Towing, on the cell phone ban and towing ordinance, tow truck companies are now free to charge whatever they want to tow cars in town.  My son was towed from the Panera lot yesterday.  He was wrong to park there but George's towing charged him $150 to get his car back!!!  The Chapel Hill police said we were lucky to only be charged $150 as some companies are now charging $200!!  Is there anything that can be done to bring back the town's regulation of charges? 

Prayer and Rec. League Football

It has come to my attention that some coaches in the Chapel HIll Parks and Rec. football league are requiring their players to say the Lord's Prayer before and after their games.  This is in direct violatoin of separation of Church and State.  I  contacted the P and R dept. in September and Mark Troutman replied that he would "address this issue with the coaches."  Well, it is mid October and the team is still saying the prayer!  I'm not anti-religion but since this is a government sponsored league and we have a very diverse population, it seems like this activity is inappropriate at the least and possibly uncomfortable for any Jewish, Muslim, Buddist, etc family that chooses to participate in Rec. League football.  What do others think?


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