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Bad state legislation messing up local environment

A friend shared this. It is really tough to protect our local environment with bad state bills.

The time to stop HB 765, the Polluter Protection Act, is now.

NC League of Conservation Voters  From http://nclcv.org/news/cib/20150921/

Conservation Action: Stop the Polluter Protection Act!

The big environmental fight surely looming over the remainder of this legislative year deals with HB 765, now better known as the Polluter Protection Act.

Chapel Hill Polling

I was just contacted by PPP and asked about candidates and development issues. Was anyone else called?

sidewalk safety

After reading this in the Nicaragua News I has to share this. I do think the sidewalks are better here than in Managua but a number of intersections lack safe, easy ways to cross.

7. New street improvements forget pedestrians, including President Ortega

Happy Labor Day

Two years ago I was endorsed by the AFL-CIO and one thing they they keep hoping is that we will all push for the right of public employees to collectively bargain. It is important to keep talking about this. This is illegal in North Carolina but someday we may be able to change the law. Also ALEC is able to get more states to pass so called Right to Work legislation. (The south has had this for a long time.) Basically what it does is it lets non union members sponge off the work of the union members who worked hard to negotiate benefits for all the employees. In Right to Work states the employees don't have to pay union dues but get the negotiated benefits.  Hope everyone saw the big article in the N and O today about coal miners. The last union mine closed in KY. Union miners pointed out all the benefits the union brought to the mining industry. Slowly ( and in some cases quickly) those benefits are being lost.


Selma to DC March

Yesterday I was in Raleigh and joined the Selma to DC Journey for Justice March sponsored by the NAACP. Lots of supporters were there from religious groups, unions and environmental groups. (Sierra Club turned out a number of members.)  Candidates and elected officials from Chapel Hill and Carrboro were there too. I talked with the reporter from Univision. She has moved to Raleigh from Florida as did the new Sierra Club organizer. The N and O has some nice photos. The rally ended with everyone holding "Support Voting Rights Advancement Act" signs. ( An attempt to fix the changes the Supreme Court made to the Voting Rights Act.)



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