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The only Carolina basketball calendar you'll ever need

Every year I put the men's and women's basketball teams schedules into a calendar that I share publicly so tha other don't have to go through this laborious task. Since I use the same calendar every year, once you are subscribed, you will automatically get the new schedule in following years.

Use this URL to subscribe (ICAL format, works with Outlook, Google, iCal, etc.) or just browse the calendar below.


Welcome to student bloggers Jeff and Burton

I just wanted to extend a quick official welcome to two UNC students that are working with OrangePolitics this semester for the service-learning component of a class they are taking: Sociology 273 - Social and Economic Justice with Professor Neal Caren. Jeff Miles will be covering public participation in the Comprehensive Plan revision process (a.k.a. Chapel Hill 2020), and Burton Peebles will be exploring how social justice issues are (or are not) talked about in local municipal and school board campaigns.

Each will be writing about 10 blog entries between September and December. All of their posts will be tagged SOCI 273. I hope you will all welcome them with some supportive comments and constructive feedback. 

What We Can Learn From Durham

[Mr. Bull]Apparently I was quoted in the News & Observer after last week's information session about UNC's proposed redevelopment of University Square. I didn't notice that story, but today a colleague said something to me about a cartoon in the Independent Weekly. Wha? After some hunting I found this V.C Rogers illustration "Mr. Bull" which features my statement that "Durham has been kicking our ass, Chapel Hill has to catch up."

While I'm not especially proud of how articulate that one (out of context) quotation was, I do stand behind it. Seeing the way the Indy cartoon twisted my point made me want to expand or at least explain a little more.

NC Big Sweep opportunities in Orange County

Via the Town via my neighborhood listserve:


County Tries Again, Hires Local for Economic Development

And for the second time this year we have an announcement about the County's hire of a new economic development director. Knowing nothing else about him, here's my favorite part so far: "[Steve] Brantley, who has lived in Orange County for the last 25 years..."

Brantley Named Director of Economic Development for Orange County

HILLSBOROUGH, NC – Frank Clifton, Orange County Manager, announced the appointment of Mark Steven (Steve) Brantley as Economic Development Director for Orange County starting September 19, 2011.



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