Chapel Hill Mayor 2019 Candidate Scorecard

This election season, in lieu of on-line candidate forums we opted to conduct surveys via Google forms and create scorecards in the races for Carrboro Board of Alders, Chapel Hill Town Council and Chapel Hill Mayor. The questions required yes/no, one word or short answers.

For more information on this candidate scorecard, see this article.

Pam Hemminger

Joshua Levenson

Is there enough parking downtown?



Days in the past week you’ve used alternative transportation?



Max stories per building?



Representation of 18-24 year olds on town boards?



Add lanes to which roads?



Purpose of Greenways?


Recreation and transportation

Most important role of elected officials in combating climate change?

Engage the entire community in reducing our carbon footprint together by setting forward thinking policies and taking bold actions.”

Invest In the most efficient reforestation projects globally to gain the greatest leverage in communities with fewer financial opportunities but that is only if one was to consider using only one tool to lead the way in getting to net zero which I would not do seriously, we need to pilot dozens different net zero projects.”

Racial equity/anti-racism trainings?

 School Board and REI


Our community is growing at:

The right pace

The right pace

Affordable housing in Greene Tract?



Next 5,000 residents will live:


Net positive Tiny homes and small apartments with more shared space above current buildings and along public transit routes especially beyond the green track if we can turn the heavy rail into a commuter line. Along with 2-3 new high density net positive car free communities near chapel hill transit(6900 Millhouse Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27516) and possibly a quarter square mile in and/or outside the rural buffer.”

To support complete streets, would you take away a vehicle lane?



*Candidate did not submit answers to this question via the survey.



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