OrangePolitics 2019 Municipal Candidate Scorecards

This election season, in lieu of on-line candidate forums we opted to conduct surveys via Google forms and create scorecards in the races for Carrboro Board of Alders, Chapel Hill Town Council, and Chapel Hill Mayor. The questions required yes/no, one word or short answers. These are the questions we asked in all races:

  • Is there enough parking in downtown Chapel Hill/Carrboro?
  • How many days in the last week have you taken the bus, walked, or ridden a bike for transportation?
  • If there's a limit to the height of a building you would be willing to consider, what is that height (in stories)?
  • A significant portion of our town's voting-age population is between the ages of 18 and 24. What percentage should we target of the town's board representation from this age range?
  • Which roads, if any, do you think should have additional motor vehicle lanes?
  • The primary purpose of greenways is:
  • In one sentence, what is the most important thing you can do as an elected official to combat climate change?
  • Have you attended a racial equity/anti-racism training (NOT diversity training) and if so, which?
  • Our community is growing:
  • Do you support building affordable housing in the Greene tract?
  • Where should the next 5,000 residents of the community live? Name specific parts of town and the types of buildings that should house them.
  • Do you support complete streets (protected bike lanes, etc.) if it means taking away a travel lane for cars?

We created three separate posts for the scorecards for each of the three races (Carrboro Board of Alders; Chapel Hill Town Council; Chapel Hill Mayor’s Race). Some answers provided in the survey were shortened or re-formatted to fit the scorecard format.

Candidates have been invited to share more context for their answers should they wish. Readers are welcome to post comments and questions as well.



Candidates who wish to provide additional commentary on their responses to any or all questions are welcome to use the comments section here to expound upon their answers.

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