Causes for celebration

Last Tuesday I was elected to be the Chair of the Chapel Hill Planning Board. And on Thursday I started a new job!

None of this should impact what goes on here at OrangePolitics, but I wanted to go ahead and say right now that nothing I write here represents the Planning Board or the Town of Chapel Hill (unless I say otherwise, of course).

In other news, Tuesday September 27th is OrangePolitics' second birthday! (Or is it an "anniversary?")

I'd like to have a little celebration and maybe invite all the current candidates to come. Anyone have suggestions for a location or other ideas?


Congrats, Ruby, on all fronts. The 27th is the date of the Sierra Club forum for Chapel Hill candidates.

Yes. Congratulations indeed. Good luck!

Way to go Ruby! Proud of you as always.You are such a wonderful force for positive change in our community-just what you said you wanted to be when you were in school.

Maybe an bus to DC on the 24th? We could party together from dawn to dusk??

Celebration indeed! Congratulations on your new Planning Board position - I think Chapel Hill needs your stong voice to guide our growth and development in an intelligent direction.

As per the new job, I think you've landed my dream position (well, aside from Town Council of course). As it looks like Aspiration is very in to open source software, do you think you might be digging into anything there which might be applicable to OP?

One of the things I've discovered in my candidacy so far is that someone(and it might be me someday) needs to put together a set of open source tools for running for local office. I've discovered I use a variety of software in my campaign, from publications software to website design, image editing, keeping up with several websites which may or may not have rss feeds, sorting through masses of email, and otherwise doing a bit of programming myself to put a nice interface on my voter database (since I've yet to find a free version of Campaign Office). Any suggestions for this from the nonprofit/NGO world?


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