Open thread for a sunny fall day

The sun finally came out! Is anyone else having trouble concentrating with this lovely weather outside? ;-)

Here's an open-minded thread for discussion of whatever you like. Have a good weekend.



A sunny day following a great evening. Had a little campaign soiree at the Cat's Cradle last night w/: L In Japanese, Work Clothes, Kerblocki and Jett Rink. Loads of folks and loads of fun! Thanks to the musicians, Frank Heath, and everybody for coming out.


Tomorrow will be one of the nicest days of the year.

But then again, I always say that.

Yes, its a beautiful fall weekend. And with the 2006 election a year away, are we ever going to talk about how stuck in the '80s David Price is? He's served us well, but its time for new and more aggressive and progressive representation.

Back from two days in the mountains making music with friends who gather at this time every year. Great reunion. The sky was so blue today, contrasted with the autumn colors, we felt like we made it happen with song.

Thinking about David Price on a Sunday feels almost sacriligeous.


Why would thinking about David Price on a Sunday be sacriligeous?



Sunday is traditionally regarded as a day of rest, and thoughts of David Price make me restless.


I've been reading candidate websites. Has anyone else noticed that some of our candidates just have wrong information? I really don't think anyone is putting out misinformation maliciously, but I'm concerned that voters may make decisions based information that is wrong or impossible to actually act upon (such as putting a moratorium on residential growth).

Candidate Websites?! Yuk!

I've been studying the moon in recent days. The very best place to watch such things (sun setting, moon rising or vice versa) is, of course, at Maple View's Ice cream store, but the (new) Wal-Mart parking lot is an interesting substitute. New Hope Commons isn't too bad either.

It's getting harder and harder to find good (light pollution-free)spots for moon & star-gazing. It reminds me of how the Aldermen were fighting about light pollution years ago to the rolling eyes of developers. Too bad -- keep up the good work, Jackie. We need places of simple peace, quiet and (sometimes) pure darkness to really see and hear the world around us.

Jean, I will be working to make the Town's policies and plans much more "dark sky" friendly - you could say it's an out-growth of what got me involved in local governance in the first place.

One of the largest concerns I and others have about Carolina-North is its incredible potential to permanently obscure the night sky.

More information on "right-sizing" illumination, the modern death of dark skies, etc. at the International Dark-Sky Initiative.

Thanks for sharing that link, Will.

I don't know about you, but when I go past that Mark Jacobson dealership (in Durham) at night, I just grimmace. Beyond the overkill of the light pollution, the sheer waste of energy has to knock you out.

Dedication of Unsung Founders Memorial
Saturday, November 5, 10:00 a.m.

If you have been on McCorkle Place recently, perhaps to vote, you may have noticed the new sculpture installed near Alumni Hall and the Morehead Planetarium. The sculpture "honors the university's unsung founders - the people of color bond and free who helped build the Carolina that we cherish today."

The sculpture, which is a gift of the class of 2002, was installed in late spring and will be dedicated this Saturday, November 5. The community is invited and I hope you will come to campus for this dedication and let others know about it.

The ceremony will be held at 10 a.m. at the site of the memorial on McCorkle Place in front of the Alumni Building. Chancellor Moeser and Bernadette Gray-Little, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, will speak as well as 2002 senior class officers Ben Singer, president, and Byron Wilson, vice president. The student a cappella ensemble Harmonyx will sing, and refreshments will be served. Person Hall will serve as a rain site.

You can see photographs of the memorial at and


The weatherman has promised a beautiful, warm, sunny day for what should be a marvelous event. Enjoy and thanks for the invite.

I've given Linda's announcement its own thread:

Thanks for posting about it!


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