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Until I get a proper calendar of events thing on here, we'll post campaign events under the "Elections" topic.

The Community Action Network will hold a candidate forum on Wednesday, October 1, at Chapel Hill Town Hall. (Recently changed from September 30 due to a conflict.) The schedule for the evening is:

7:00 -- Chapel Hill-Carrboro Board of Education
8:10 -- Carrboro Mayor and Board of Aldermen
9:20 -- Chapel Hill Mayor and Town Council

It will also be cablecast on Time-Warner Channel 18.

For more information, contact Nancy Gabriel at nancygabriel@mindspring.com or 967-8443.



This is the best take on the CAN forum I've seen from the Chapel Hill Herald ...

Support friends of smart growth

We should be thankful to the Community Action Network for going public with its endorsements for Chapel Hill Town Council. Now it makes it easier for some of us to know who not to vote for.

The board of CAN comprises the remnants of the go-go growth-at-any-cost crowd. These are the same folks who have lobbied for road-widening, opposed protective measures like rental licensing and are willing to sacrifice neighborhoods for the good of commerce. These are not the people we want negotiating the fate of the Horace Williams property.

We need to continue the last election's trend to support smart growth candidates who care about neighborhoods, who have a passion for protecting the environment and who will cast their council votes for the citizens who elected them, not the special interests trying to influence them.

That's why I'll be voting for Bill Strom, Sally Greene, Cam Hill and Thatcher Freund.

Tim Dempsey

Chapel Hill

October 12, 2003


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