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Candidate filing for 2006 races closes tomorow. Two more candidates are announced in the Herald. There seems to be a dearth of Commissioner candidates, even if Barry Jacobs announces a re-election campaign.

I am still waiting for someone to challenge the Register of Deeds on a platform of allowing gay marriages. Mark Dorosin, where are you...?



Up to 4 Dems and 1 Rep for the Comm. race.

OT/Just out of curiosity, when did the preview box go away?

I would like to have someone running in the other races, if for no other reason than to peg down our Reps. and Senator on key issues like Medicaid. Does anyone here remember the Senate voting to cut medicaid AND taxes for the wealthy? Not the US Senate, our Senate and OUR Senator.

I just noticed that Jacobs has filed for re-election and Betty Tom Phelps Davidson has also filed for BOCC. She ran for OCS a few years ago, I think.

We now also have Robin Cutson in the race for County Commissioner.

OMG! Another year of Robin's rants. In which party's primary is she running?

Ruby, maybe you're kidding (or not) but ....

Robin is running as a Democrat and while her presentation is a bit rough, she does hit on some important issues. I expect having a large and diverse set of viewpoints can't help but invigorate the campaign ;-)

Sorry Will, I find it hard to take seriously candidates who lie about me personally. I guess I'm just picky that way.

Hi, Jason! I'll miss seeing you as much in this election cycle--enjoyed your comments and perspectives.

Hi Will! Thanks for the kind words (as always). We may not agree on all issues but it is so nice that you don't mind differing opinions and always operate under the banner that "the more information and viewpoints the better."

Yes I am a lifelong Democrat in case anyone was wondering. And I have worked for protecting wetlands and watersheds even back in 1991.

Ruby, you have said,
OMG! Another year of Robin's rants.

Come on Ruby, someone "ranting" as you put it about protecting our environment and our waterways and water supplies can't be all bad, can it?

And as you all know from my prior campaign website I am not a fan of giant GM corporations and GM crops and I am very supportive of developing markets and support for organic farming --something the current commissioners are doing and in which I would like to assist. Once again, that can't be all bad, can it?

Oh, and I have to admit I'm not a big fan of the current push for biological warfare defense research being conducted in or near populated areas (Duke and UNC participating). I'm still lobbying for enough votes from my democratic precinct to send up a resolution addressing this issue--once again, that really can't be all bad can it?

Ruby, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings or if you feel I "lied" about you. You're probably referring to the multiple posts from many people (which I quoted) stating you come from a well-off family and yet received a house through a housing program for low-income people. If this is not true then I apologize profusely. As you know from my last campaign I feel very strongly that charitable programs should serve the poor and needy and not the well-to-do. But that's not really a bad thing, is it?

In any case, yes I've filed. No, my husband and I are not wealthy (he's a county EMS employee) so we don't have a lot of money to throw at a campaign. I don't have a political "machine" behind me. I will be recycling my old campaign signs by using them again as soon as I figure out how to switch "town council" to "county commissioner" in a water/weatherproof fashion (waste not want not).

Cheers, Robin

Robin, you have my vote! Good luck.

Ruby, I didn't realize Robin was involved in trashing your housing deal - I skipped most of that manure and balderdash after the 1st posts.

Sorry about my inattention to that thread.

Robin, as a political outsider, like I am, you've probably realized by now that there's various long-term "tensions" within the local political community, the genesis and evolution of which we're not privvy. I'd hope you put that realization to use before blindly quoting folk with their various honed angsts.

Ruby, whatever you think of her, has risked much by encouraging local political discourse. She deserves more than a back alley bludgeon in our "reality-based community".

John K.

Thanks for the vote--pass the word!

Will R.

You state there were tensions the "genesis and evolution of which we're not privy" that surrounded the housing issue and the disclosure of info.

You are right that as a political outsider I am not privy to undisclosed info or details. And you probably know that I'm pretty much a straight shooter and that I am all for openness and not much for secrecy.

So Ruby (and Will) once again if the information relayed by others was incorrect then I do sincerely apologize. If I erred it was at least motivated by concern (and a sense of indignation) that a charitable program was not serving those intended----and not by any "hidden" tensions or agenda.

As all of you probably know I dislike hidden agendas as much as I dislike secrecy by public officials or public organizations.

I wonder if Republicans would be able to win if there were enough of them to vote for every commissioner seat. It'd be a first if we could get a Republican commissioner.


The Democratic candidates could be abducted by aliens a month before the election and still a Republican candidate would not win.

Artie Franklin filed for County Commissioner this morning as a Democrat. He ran as a Libertarian in 2004, but that of course is no longer an option.

I really don't want to drag this out, but if Robin's explanation is that she was misled by an unsubstantiated accusation and that she repeated it because it reinforced her political beliefs, than I have to wonder how many of her other policy positions are similarly misinformed?

Also, I never said it was bad that she was in the race. I just said "oh my god!" I have to agree with Will, that it will certainly be interesting.

Superior Court judgeship has attracted a lot of attention, as of 5 pm Monday 7 had filed for the two seats (primary ballot will say vote for 2, and the top 4 votegetters move on to November in the nonpartisan race)









Local NAACP chair Fred Battle has filed for County Commissioner.

The Orange County Schools also picked up another challenger. So now, at close, we have (In case anyone is too lazy to flip over to the BOE site):

For County Commissioner:

Mike Nelson (D)
Alice Gordon (D)
Jamie Daniel (R)
Betty Tom Phelps Davidson (D)
Barry Jacobs (D)
Robin Cutson (D)
Artie L. Franklin (D)
Fred Battle (D)

Ellie Kinnaird, Joe Hackney, Verla Insko, and (unfortunately) Bill Faison are unopposed. Clerk of Court Jamie Stanford and Register of Deeds Joyce Pearson are also running unopposed. (All (D), at least in theory)

William (Buddy) Parker is challenging Lindy Pendergrass (D) as a Republican for sheriff.

There are five running for the OCBOE: Debbie Piscitelli, Tony McKnight, Ted Triebel, Anne Medenblik, and Susan Hallman. None are incumbants.

here is the unofficial state level compendium for district and state offices

remember the Orange County list only covers candidates who file in Hillsborough. Kinnaird has a GOP opponent from Person County, Hackney one from Chatham.

Thanks for the correction Gerry.

That's funny, Franklin was a libertarian the last time he ran for Comissioner. And check out my man Fred Battle in the game. Woot!

Thanks Gerry, I wasn't thinking about that and didn't realize they had challengers!

Primaries and elections in May in Orange County (based on unofficial final filings)

Supreme Court Associate Justice (Wainwright seat)
nonpartisan primary to reduce field from 5 to 2.

Court of Appeals Judge (Hunter seat)
nonpartisan primary to reduce field from 3 to 2.

Court of Appeals Judge (Stephens seat)
nonpartisan primary to reduce field from 3 to 2.

Superior Court District 15B (two seats)
Non-partisan primary to reduce field from 6 to 4 (Robert Crabill apparently withdrew today reducing field from 7 to 6)

Orange County School Board - 5 candidates for 4 seats in nonpartisan ELECTION

4th District Democratic Congressional - three candidates in primary for one seat

Orange County Democratic commissioner - 8 candidates for three seats

I'm looking forward to a VERY interesting BOCC race!!!

Happy to see Fred running-I think that he has strong chance.
Any wbsites yet for these folks?


Don't the County Commissioner candidates need to have 20% in the primary to avoid a runoff? So is it possible we could be headed for another election in June if three people don't clear that threshold? I might just be making this up.

There are seven people running for three seats. You add up all the votes for the seven candidates, divide the grand total by 3 and then multiply by 40%. (The 20% rule you cite is the formula for a two seat race, add all the votes, divide by 2 and multiply by 40%, which is the same as just multiplying by 20%),

In a 7 candidate race for three seats with the 40% plurality, it is POSSIBLE to have a runoff, but highly unlikely unless one or two candidates are WAY ahead of the rest of the field and there is no one way behind the rest of the field. Then there might, for example, be a runoff between the third and fourth place finisher for the final seat.

Thanks for the clarification Gerry. You're right, unless there's a lot of single shotting this should be taken care of in May. I think there was a runoff in the 2000 Orange County School Board race.

The Chapel Hill/Carrboro Schools PTA Council is planning to hold a BOCC candidate forum on Monday April 17th at 7pm Carrboro Town Hall. The Council plans to televise the forum.

More details will follow in the near future.


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