Al Franken returns

I just learned that Al Franken is returning to Chapel Hill this Friday, April 7. I went to see him last April and had a whale of a good time. I won't be able to go this year because of the job thing but hope hear it on the radio. If I'm a good boy perhaps WillR and others will web log it again.

Doors open at 10:30, he did a bit of stand up last time that wasn't broadcast. The good seats go quick. Show runs from noon till 3:00. Admission is free. It's in the student union on the UNC campus. Check it out.

WCHL's web site say's this is in conjunction with some kind of movie Al's in. It's showing at 8:30 PM and is part of the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival.



Is Al running for Senate in Minnesota? Has he made any sort of announcement?

I really hope he does (though it'd be sad if he ended up sounding like any other bloviating senator...)

Well, I'm sure we can find out whether Al will make it official or not when he gets here tonight.

Doors are actually at 11:00 at the Union though, and unlike last time when he had on Chapel Hill folks to talk, this episode is going to be more Durham centric (what with the Duke Lacrosse issue, the Full Frame Fest etc.)

Still, there will be time before hand and afterward to pick Mr Franken's brain. I hope you can come! If not, you can always listen.



If you get a chance, a great question to ask him is why he hasn't definitively called for troop withdrawal from Iraq? Another way to put it is - why does he still support the U.S. military presence even though it has failed tragically?


So I made it to the 1st bit.

Next up is Kevin Foy on environment. Al said we've signed the Kyoto protocols - so we must be doing something right.

Wonder if he'll ask Kevin why we haven't gone with bio-kerosene, more bio-diesel, right-sizing the fleet (ditiching SUVs and muscle cars), etc.

Probably not.

Coming up on the game show - BOC Candidate Arte Franklin. He won the chance by identifying the last President born in NC (extra points for an OP answer ;-) ).

Price is coming up later - via phone.

BTW, there was about 1/2 the folk there from 12-12:50 as
the last visit. It's a nice day, looks like most folk stayed outside for lunch.

I'm going to guess Andrew Johnson -- for the last President born in NC.

Got it Matt. I had a meeting during the 1-2 slot, how did Foy and Franklin do?

In answer to the poster who asked whether Al Franken is going to run for US Senate here in Minny--rumors are rife that he is leaning that way but he has not announced, and he's not going to announce any time soon. I, however, interviewed him for the book publishing magazine I write for when he came to Duluth a few few months ago, and he said he would have to quit his show as soon as he announces, and he's "having too much fun to quit the show."

But, he did move back to Minnesota in December, and he visits Duluth, the most progressive city in a true blue state, all the time. He even came to town in February, the coldest time of the year. My editor in NYC, whose husband works for Saturday Night live, so she knows Franken and his friends, says he's going to run.

I for one intend to work on his campaign if he runs to take back Paul Wellstone's seat. Wellstone was a hero to me, and I'd love it if Franken took the seat away from Norm Coleman, who cares more about what his bosses in Washington tell him to do than in serving his constituents. In fact, the man visits Duluth even less often than Jesse Ventura did.

It was great listening to Franken broadcast from UNC today, wish I could have been there, enjoying April in Chapel Hill. The memory of what it's like in the spring in NC still brings tears to my eyes.



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