N. Chatham Big Box (Wal-Mart?) A Step Closer

From the Chatham chatlist:

Lee-Moore Oil Co. requests rezoning of a 63.3 acre tract at the Chatham/Orange County line into a 29.4 acre conditional use B-1 business district and a 33.9 acre RA-40 residential district.

A separate request for the 29.4 acres is for a "home improvement center" and additional retail and shops. Of course once they get the permit for the "home improvement center" it doesn't matter what big box goes in.

Public Hearing September 18.


When I wrote this post yesterday morning, we did not yet know that, according to Jennifer Ferris of the Herald, Wal-Mart is not expected to be part of the project.

Perhaps someone can post the response from Chatham First.

Mr. Shaggy sent me a link to the zoning applications:

As you'll see from the documents, it's going to be a big development even if it isn't a Wal-mart.

Here's what Mark Barroso sent out this morning:

Hello everyone:
As expect, Kirk Bradley and his company Lee Moore Oil has announced plans for a store at their site on 15/501 at the county line with Orange. Clearly they are in a rush to get it approved before Bunky and his gang leave office.

Here is their application:

The Chapel Hill Herald should have a story in Wednesday's paper, and you can see it by going to heraldsun.com

Chatham First promises to fight this proposal. We will be announcing a meeting in the near future to discuss our options, but time is of the essence, since Lee Moore has asked for a public hearing on Sept. 18.

Although our chances of convincing a majority of the present
commissioners are as good as a snow in August, we need to look at other options of delaying this action until next year. I will keep you apprised of our next meeting.


However, I also know that one of our elected officials discussed this project with our DOT coordinator (Greensboro) yesterday and they knew nothing about the driveway exiting into Chapel Hill (Smith Level Road). Sounds like there is a lack of communication within DOT.

Well, this explains why they tore down the small shop where ALR Electronics was located in recent years. That's where the driveway comes out, to feed across the old '5 Points' intersection at 15-1501 and Smith Level.

It's easy to fight this, the smart way. Simply have Carrboro impede Smith Level Road traffic, with a roundabout at Rock Haven, with a much-needed-anyway traffic light at Damascus Church Road, and with enforced speed limits.

You may not be able to stop the project, but you sure as heck can control the access ways into it.


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