Homeland Insecurity

Announcement from Peggy Misch

Ira Chernus
University of Colorado

Homeland Insecurity:
From Terror and Fantasy to Hope and Reality

Wednesday, September 13, 7:30 PM
Chapel Hill Town Hall Council Chambers
405 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.

The Bush administration's War on Terror has undermined our civil liberties at home and created more enemies abroad, especially in the Middle East.

Commemorate September 11 and Constitution Day, September 17. Reconsider the War on Terror, its consequences, and some alternatives.

Presented by the Curriculum in Peace, War, and Defense and the Orange County Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Cosponsored by Charles M. Jones Peace and Justice Committee of the Community Church of Chapel Hill UU, Coalition for Peace with Justice, Committee to End the Cycle of Violence, Elders for Peace, Jews for a Just Peace-NC, Peace 1st, Students United for a Responsible Global Environment, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom-Triangle Branch

For more information: 942-2535



Is this why John Ashcroft, and SS entourage are staying at the Carolina Inn tonight, Tuesday the 12th? Have it on very good source they checked in earlier this evening. Could be an interesting exchange, if that is what it is.

Muskie, more likely Ashcroft is here for the $25,000 honorarium than a dialogue with administration critics.

Beyond the $10K, how much more will the public have to spend to get the stink out of Memorial Hall?


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