Phonebank volunteers needed

Phonebank to turn out voters with Democracy North Carolina:

In 2004, dozens of volunteer citizens engaged in hours of phonebanking in the 2 week period prior to the election. In a collaboration with other non-profit organizations, over 20,000 voters across North Carolina were called in this non-partisan Get-Out-The-Vote effort.

A similar event is being planned for 2006 beginning Monday, October 23. Our offices are located at 105 W. Main Street, Carrboro NC 27510. Our hours are:

Monday- Thursday, 6PM- 9 PM (excluding October 31, Halloween)
Saturday, 12 PM- 3 PM

If interested in signing up or you have questions, please call 967-9942 or 1-888-OUR- VOTE. You can also email



Actually the phonebank is geared towards progressive voters across the state. It is geared towards individuals with less that stellar voting records, and sometimes don't vote when there is no presidential election

I have never volunteered before, but as a Democrat, and with the stakes so high, I am able to do volunteer work if you are in need. I am free to work at anytime. If you need someone feel free to E-Mail me. Thanks, Dave McCurdy.

Orange County Dems need volunteers too, with a seriously partisan GOTV objective.

Statistically speaking, in Orange County it's still worth making the calls. I helped run a "non-partisan" voter registration campaign for the UNC Young Democrats in 2004. The table I handled registered over a hundred Republicans, but easily twice as many independents and three times as many Democrats. I just counted them as an operating expense and moved on with my life.

But if you want to be seriously partisan, I can definitely put you to work in Northside. :)

Wait, this is a non-partisan GOTV effort? Meaning, I might be calling Republicans asking them to vote?




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