My police chief

Chapel Hill's police chief recently announced that he's retiring after working for the CHPD for over three decades. Chief Jarvies has constantly impressed me with his intelligence and sensitivity, which are not things you expect in a cop.

"I think we've done a great job in bringing in folks that understand how to work with the community," Jarvies said. "It takes a lot of effort to keep them here and keep them motivated."
- Jarvies to retire after seven years

I first met him when I was living next door to a very sensitive man that called the police whenever more than 5 people congregated on my porch. He was always very understanding and did his best to try to make everyone happy (although that was noever going to be possible.) In recent years, I have harangued him constantly about the lack of officers on foot patrol in Northside, and he has always listened and done his best to respond to my concerns.

Chief Jarvies will be missed and the Town will have a tough job filling his shoes. I hope they will seek out someone (within or outside the department) with as much understanding of our community and a broad toolkit that reaches beyond enforcement.



Ruby, I share your impressions of our Chief. I've been very honored to have worked with him these last 5 years. He's done a great job of incorporating our community's values in law enforcement.

Our Town Manager promises a process for selection of the new Chief that will include focus groups with the Council, with community members, and with department employees. Moreover the process will also include at least 3 public forums held in different parts of Town to solicit even more input and direction to the Manager as he begins the process of identifying the best candidate to lead the department.

It's going to take this and a lot more work on the part of the Manager to find someone as well suited to the job as Chief Jarvies has been.


I agree with all of the positive things you have said about Chief Jarvies except "Chief Jarvies has constantly impressed me with his intelligence and sensitivity, which are not things you expect in a cop." Chief Jarvies does indeed have both intelligence and sensitivity but, contrary to your statement, I DO expect these in a cop. We don't always get them (perhaps rarely, some would say) but, nevertheless, I expect them and we should recruit a chief and a force that exemplify those characteristics. I think to say we expect anything less is to sell both ourselves and those people we hire to serve us short.

I agree George. One of the things that we expected to gain from having professionally trained and endorsed sworn officers is that they would be intelligent and sensitive, and much more. I also expect it and we all should demand it.

Greg Jarvies has been a superb chief of Police and we will
miss him. My only disappointment (perhaps this is a
Chapel Hilly statement) is that he has been unable to
provide enough police customers to maintain a good donut store on Franklin St. The last time I saw him in Breadmans, we
had a laugh about this. Have a great retirement, Greg!

Yeah, that's right. What ever happened to the Krispy Kreme we were supposed to be getting?

And I can only hope Jarvies' replacement will also provide better-than-can-reasonably-be-expected service.

"Chief Jarvies has constantly impressed me with his intelligence and sensitivity, which are not things you expect in a cop."

I hope all the other allegedly stupid, insensitve police officers don't take offense.


I wonder how many on this site would take on the duties of the wonderful Officers that serve us, at their woefully low pay, deal with all they have to and still act (not be) intelligent and sensitive?

Perhaps a tour of duty would be a wakeup call, y'all.


Near as I can tell, it's open in Lenoir.


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