Snow day

As you probably already know if you have kids, both city and county schools are closed today.

The Town of Chapel Hill says everything is pretty much under control with the following exceptions:

Government Meetings: Chapel Hill Town Hall is open. Canceled meetings today include the Rogers Road Small Area Plan Task Force (rescheduled for 7 p.m. Feb. 15) and the Continuing Concerns Committee (tentatively rescheduled for 5:30 p.m. Feb. 15).

Chapel Hill Transit: Buses are expected to operate on a regular schedule for the remainder of the day. Transit supervisors are circulating throughout the community to check for potential trouble spots. For service information, call 968-2769.

Parks and Recreation: The Teen Center after school program is canceled. For information on the status of athletic programs, call the Athletic Hotline at 685-8277. The hotline will be updated by 3 p.m. today. The Hargraves Center opened at 10 a.m. and will stay open as long as possible. If staff determines that conditions are too hazardous to remain open, the buildings will close. For more information about Hargraves Center, call 968-2794 or the Hargraves Hotline at 685-1535.

Housing: The Department of Housing is open and operating as normal.

Chapel Hill Public Library: The library is open with no scheduling changes. Call 968-2777 for information.

Public Safety: Police and Fire crews are fully staffed and prepared to respond to emergencies.

Information: For more information during inclement weather, residents may call Chapel Hill Town Hall at 968-2743 during business hours or visit the official Town website at Announcements about service may also be found on Chapel Hill TV 18 during the top of the hour and on WCHL radio (1360 AM) and WUNC radio (91.5 FM). Please do not call the radio stations for service information.
- Town of Chapel Hill - Town Responds to Weather Conditions

I couldn't find any current information about the weather on the Town of Carrboro's web site.



Carrboro's Rec & Parks events are canceled.


FYI: "Despite the inclement weather day observed by the district today, the CHCCS Board of Education will conduct its regularly scheduled meeting tonight at 7 pm in Chapel Hill Town Hall."

Justin, there really isn't enough snow to blanket everything as the rain is already starting to melt it. But here are some picture I took the last time it snowed:


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