What I got at the Carrboro Farmers Market

Today is the first Saturday of the new Carrboro Farmers' Market season. Thanks to Anton's email calling for friends to meet I walked up to the Carrboro Town Commons this morning. It was my first time going to the market. I don't think it'll be my last.

I got a medium sized tomato plant. Being a food growing newbie I asked for advice from the farmer. He said I should give the tomato plant plenty of water. It doesn't need a ton of sunlight and should be brought indoors if the temperature gets under fifty degrees. Evidently tomatos like warm nights. So do I.

I plan on repotting the tomato this weekend with my jade plant. Fascinating how different the tomato plant is from the jade plant. One loves lots of water and the other does not.

So what did you get at the Carrboro Farmers' Market this weekend?



I bought all the arugula in the world, pheta cheese and smoked mozarella, tatsoi and rabe, spinach, dehydrated curried chevre, a wood fired coffee mug (half off sale today), the sweetest baby brussel sprouts - almost too cute to eat, sausage and eggs. The last two made a perfectly nice breakfast.

I've been going to the market pretty much from forever...

Great day for an opening - and quite busy. It's interesting to see how a communal space like the Farmer's Market can "activate" an urban corridor. A steady stream of folks (including Brian) were moving up and down Weaver St. between Carrboro's two loci (at least for today) of activity - Weaver St. Mkt. and the Farmer's Mkt.

Some of those folks were obviously "spilling over" into Weaver St.'s other commercial draws.

Kind of wish Chapel Hill would develop a similar draw along Franklin St. - say a grocery store mid-way between East and West ends? Where could one possibly site such a beast?

Ooh, next weekend is the first spring/summer Market in Hillsborough. I'm excited.

Basil plants. A flowering shrub. Pass on the tomatoes. Tempted by the lamb. Run into Carrboro politics about a bridge. Pass on that too.

To the Weave, where we pick up Carrboro Citizens. More than a couple of folks ask us where to get them. One guy offers to trade his News and Observer for my Citizen. I point them all inside to the paper rack.

Run into important local politicians. Talk about the weather.

Realize why I'm on the Weaver Street Residents group on Facebook. I'm still not tired of the same old breakfast choices.

PS Weave folks, Brian says the wireless is acting up.

We love to go to the farmers market. Unfortunately, soccer makes it hard to get there in the spring. Greens are a staple this time of year along with hot house tomatoes (if you can get there early enough) and starter plants . Later, strawberries, tomato varieties that we don't grow (or to withstand our own harvesting lulls), field peas. Lots of great baked goods, too.

Anyone had the huge sword beans that the cedar vendor sells in late summer? You gotta try them. One bean is like 2 servings of veggies. I told my girls, "You only have to eat *one* bean tonight", they went "yea!", and then I gave them each one thicker-than-your-thumb 14 inch long bean. You should've seen then look on their faces!

I usually wait until mid april to plant my tomato plants, lest a cold night stunt their growth.


In case y'all don't already know, I trek up to the Farmers' Market nearly every Saturday morning and take pictures. The pictures are usually available within an hour on the website. Click on the "What's at Market" button on the left.


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