School Board candidate orientation

Heads up, Chapel Hill and Carrboro school activists:

To familiarize potential candidates with current educational issues, the district will conduct a lunchtime candidate orientation on Tuesday, June 26, from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm in the Superintendent's Conference Room of Lincoln Center. Candidates planning to attend should contact Stephanie Knott, Assistant to the Superintendent for Community Relations, by Friday, June 22, via email at or at 967-8211, ext. 227.

I might go just to get some remedial training in school issues...



Any plans for an evening session which would be convenient for potential candidates who work during the day ?

I'm curious about who will be presenting their persepctive at the orientation.

Sorry, Andrea, only stay-at-home parents and the independently wealthy are qualified to serve our schools. ;-)

At the 2005 Orientation, which was at 5:00 pm (I had to leave work early to get there), was hosted by Dr. Pederson, Stephanie Knott, Liz Carter, and Nick Didow. The only potential candidates in attendance were me and Annetta Streader, who chose not to run, but has since been appointed to the BOE.

There was a general review of issues facing the schools and some advice on campaigning. Significant emphasis was given to the time commitment due to the requirement to serve on other local tasks forces, etc. Overall it was not particularly enlightening or useful. It was my first view into how closely the administration is involved in the BOE candidate selection process. In addition to hosting this orientation the administration also hosted and attended the interviews for the appointment made last summer.

From a separation of powers standpoint this a is bit odd, and detracts, in my view, from setting up the type of accountability culture I think we need rather than the overly collegial culture that exists today.

It's hard to believe that its time for another election.

It has often seemed that - as Jeff said - the administration is closely involved in the BOE candidate selection process. It is interesting that over the years, Superintendent Pedersen has at times been quoted speaking on behalf of the Board. A very odd relationship and one that gives a clue about how things are decided.


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