We were lucky to know Lisa Garmon

I learned on Tuesday that our community lost a great warrior for justice and equality. Ever since I met her nearly 20 years ago, Lisa Garmon was a festive rabble-rouser and a tireless worker for what's right. She died of cancer on Tuesday.

I worked with Lisa on environmental issues, on making local media, on organizing peace and justice protests, on keeping Internationalist Books afloat, and on countless other causes. I remember her amazing energy and dependability. She was great for things like coming through with a last-minute food donation for your fundraising event. She was there for you.

Lisa was mostly a face-to-face grassroots organizer, so there's not much of an online legacy to show her work. One great testament to her is the early archives of HA!, a feirce feminist 'zine that she founded in the mid-90's. I remember working on the first issue only to hear that the printer had refused to publish it because it included penis graphics! Never mind all those female body parts, right?

The Carrboro Citizen has a kick-ass obituary so I won't bother to rehash it other than to say that she won't be forgotten. I wonder if we could start an activism award in her honor. Any suggestions from others who knew her?



Very sad news. Lisa had a great combination of qualities of being friendly, easy-going, highly principled, and a very hard worker. As the obit details, she's been part of so much good work in the area for a long, long time and will be very much missed.

I can tell you she left this world knowing she was loved, honored and an inspiration.
Lisa was a fearless individual and a doer and she did it all with humor, style and a lot of love.
I'll miss her.

Thank you so much for writing this. Well said.

The obit was written by a group of her friends and I imagine there will be a few more fine words spoken at the memorial this afternoon.

As one involved in the dispersing of her estate (recycling as much as we can!) I can tell you we have plans to establish one, if not more, foundations/legacy funds/memorium in Lisa Garmon's honor. We will keep the Carrboro Citizen and OrangePolitics.org posted. As for now, we're working with family to figure out what may be available to contribute. We hope to keep Lisa's passion for justice and causes dear to her alive. In the meantime, ask yourself.."what would Lisa do?" and smile when you think of the answer!

Viva La Lisa!


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