More Endorsements by <i>The C. H. News</i>

The Chapel Hill News has published endorsements for Carrboro Mayor and Board of Aldermen as well as Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board.

In Carrboro, the News went with a solid slate of incumbents Mike Nelson, Joal Broun, and Alex Zaffron - plus Mark Chilton. I would certainly endorse that endorsement. Anyone want to discuss the history or odds of running as an earnest write-in candidate? I haven't seen anyone do it around here before. But even if I lived in Carrboro (which I don't) and even if he was on the ballot (which he's not), I still wouldn't vote for Jeff Vanke.)

For School Board, the News goes with incumbents Elizabeth Carter and Gloria Faley (who rock), pseudo-incumbent Ed Schrest, and over-qualified George Griffin.



Ruby, I consulted with my sources. No one has run any kind of credible write-in campaign in Orange County - or at least not in the last 30+ years. Neither has anyone run a not-so credible one.

Indeed my sources and my own recollection come up with just one effort: There was a grassroots (genuinely not affiliated with the candidate) effort to write-in Joe Herzenberg in the 1995 Chapel Hill Town Council race. Even without the candidate's encouragement, he got 100 or so votes.

So Jeff Vanke will need to beat that in order not to be embarassed. I don't doubt a bit that he will get many more than 100, though. In my canvassing of Carrboro neighborhoods, I have run into quite a few people who are planning to vote for him. Still, as a write-in candidate, you have a tough row to hoe. I am afraid I have to agree with 'Anonymous' that this will be a very tough assignment indeed.

-Mark Chilton


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