Cook and Ryan team up

Recently I noticed that two Carrboro candidates are running as a slate. Has this ever happened in Orange County before? Another thing that was pretty different was that there is one brochure and one sign for both candidates. Both of these materials advocate for both Sharon Cook and Katrina Ryan.

I believe two years ago Katrina threatened to run an all Northern Carrboro slate. Is this what this combo is about? I've seen candidates collaborate on mailings before, but this is practically two candidates with one campaign. What do you think about candidates running together?



We're about 5 weeks behind. We have had some challenges with the 113 year old building.

Oh, I understand THAT. One never knows what one's going to find when one starts mucking about in an old building. Hope the worst of the "surprises" is behind you.

Interesting discussion. For my two cents:
1. I don't see this as a male/female abuse situtation and I'm not aware that the woman has made any suggestion of that at all and I think that's a suggestion that is unfair to Dan, frankly.

2. The whole incident certainly seems fair game for public discussion. Heck, Alex Z. had to face a recall over personal behavior. As for "last minute political points" - Who defines last minute? I, personally, was disappointed by the lateness of the apology but that was Dan's perogative. Regardless, information and discussion should continue up to election day. Further, I know those I consider reasonable people who oppose early voting b/c they believe early voters miss out on the benefit of late information.

3. The public releasing of 911 calls seems dicey. While I think it served the public interest in this situation in helping get the truth out about this incident, someone shared a concern to me about people being shy about calling 911 b/c they don't want the conversation in public. For instance, maybe a woman doesn't want the whole world to know she's worried that her boyfriend is stalking her. If you call 911 are you informed that "this call is being recorded and is a matter of public record". I bet you'd get a lot of hangups. Something to think about...



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