Yard signs of the rich and famous

I drove all over the county this weekend and I'm pretty sure I got a picture of at least one yard sign by every candidate that has one.

By the way, here's some free advice: If you have a limited number of signs and/or volunteers, make sure you get your signs to one of Orange County's three early voting sites!




That is a pretty comprehensive collection, but I think I know of one that's missing:

  • Steve Halkiotis for Orange County Board of Education

He doesn't have many signs up, and they are very small, but there are some out there.


BJ Lawson is running for US Congress and has many signs up around town ...
There were so many Lawson signs that I thought I already had taken a picture of one.  Will add it ASAP, my apologies.
Not just the lawn signs, which is still amusing.  But the slide show!  What cool widget is this?
It's just Flickr (eg: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rubyji/sets/72157604655400520/) plus this: http://fabiocavassini.com.ar/SlideShowGenerator.html
probably half of these I haven't seen or at least noticed but Yuhasz...I can't escape those

I keep wondering who's paying for all those Yuhasz signs and what they hope to get in return. He's got more signs and more coverage than I've ever seen for a county commissioner race. There's more Yuhasz signs in northern and western Orange than there are "No Home Tax" signs, and there's a ton of those and we know who's paying for them.

Just in general terms, what's it cost to run for CC in Orange these days? What's it cost to be successful?

Which yard sign do like or dislike and why?

I will start I don't like Bernadette Pelissier signs there is too much white space and the lettering is too small. I realize she was limited in size by trying to use her first name on the sign.

Steve Yuhasz's sign on the other hand jump out at you and are easy to spot and read. Good use of space and fonts.

No comment on "best" or "worst" or even any indication of which way I might be leaning, but just generally,  I've been disappointed that I have not yet seen even one Neloa Jones sign.
are appearing.
and we've looked at pictures of signs. When do we have a free-ranging critical discussion of the candidates?
If something is missing here, you have but to create it, Mark. http://orangepolitics.org/node/add/blog

These are just starting to go out today (side note: anyone have a stapler and some spare time?)

Vote FOR the Transfer Tax

I've been wondering where these were.
I love the Wolff's signs- 2 for 1...very thrifty!!
on the drive home (Carrboro, to/through Hillsborough downtown) think I saw one Neloa Jones, on Main St. I have seen all of these now, except for the Wolff with picture - I have seen the blue bg/white text numerous times, but no picture version, yet.

real estate/yard sale/political signs.

more landfill space needed.

carbon signprint?

I have a strong opinion about signs in general, although we have an Obama sign in our yard. Signs are not sustainable. They clutter the landscape, they junk up the the environment, they almost never help a candidate win. I've seen a few signs with legs, but most come pre-designed -- serving suggestions from companies that specialize in campaign fodder.

Today I made an excutive decision not to print and distribute Carrboro Day posters. The slogan reads, "Celebrating Our Sustainable Community," and posters fly in the face of that claim.



I've snapped Lawson and Neloa Jones' signs and they've been added to the slideshow. Still haven't seen the elusive Halkiotis signs.

you probably have(seen the Halkiotis signs) by now...but just in case
also, if not head into Hillsborough, they are there, and Efland also

apologies for the resolution, cellphone, while driving in all but the last...which for some reason I thought wasn't posted already

first terrible resolution shows

first 2 are for/because you mentioned Halkiotis
middle also has Allison, Eubanks and Morris
and the 3rd is to show the only large signs I have seen (wooden framed) Hartkopf (I have seen one heading towards Efland and one that seperates downtown Hillsbrough from "business" Hillsborough)

and this one is here...but...it's the only of decent quality (wasn't driving) so, here anyhow.

I give up on embedding the image...best I can tell HTML is allowed, maybe there is a flag on the ID


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