Selected 2008 Primary Maps: President, NC Senate 23, and the Transfer Tax

With limited time and so many races to choose from, we selected the 3 ballot items that most interested us: the Democratic presidential primary, the Democratic NC Senate district 23 primary, and the land transfer tax referendum. The numbers are based on unofficial results from the Orange County Board of Elections and do not include early, absentee, and provisional votes. A Google Maps view of Orange County voter precincts is available here.

(Note that we did not include the Weaver Dairy Satellite precinct in the the maps below. Results for this precinct were not reported by the Board of Elections. Anyone know what's up with that?)

Democratic Primary for US President

The map below shows the ratio of votes for Barack Obama to votes for Hillary Clinton by precinct. (Votes for Mike Gravel and "no preference" represented less than 2% of the total, so we didn't include them here.) Click on the map for a larger version and more information.

Obama had strong support in the towns, especially in the Town Hall precinct in Carrboro, where he won more than 5 votes for every Clinton vote. He also did particularly well in the Greenwood, Lincoln, Northside, and OWASA precincts. Clinton won only 2 precincts: Eno and Caldwell.

Democratic Primary for NC Senate District 23

The map below shows the ratio of votes for Ellie Kinnaird to votes for Moses Carey by precinct. Results from Person County are not shown, obviously. Click on the map for a larger version and more information.

Kinnaird dominated the southern half of the county. However, Carey won 3 precincts in Chapel Hill. These precincts—Lincoln, Mason Farm, and Northside—appear as lightly shaded areas surrounded by darker orange in the southeastern corner of the map.

Orange County Land Transfer Tax Referendum

The map below shows the ratio of votes for the referendum to votes against the referendum by precinct. Click on the map for a larger version and more information.

The referendum didn't fare too well. Only in the Town Hall precinct did it receive a majority of votes, and just barely.




The Weaver Dairy Satellite is probably not a voting tabulation district.  See G.S. 163-132.1B(a2) (boards must report unchanged "voting tabulation districts" which are equivalent to precincts.  Precincts may be changed, but voting tabulation districts may not.).

The SBOE site has maps that update during election night, but those don't show ratios like these maps.

Patrick King

Once again, your maps are very enlightening (and attractive).  Thanks for posting them!
the early votes will be allocated back to the precincts w/in 60 days so it will be fun to have this done again in early July (the Board of Elections will do this by sorting the early and absentee votes by precinct then tabulating them again, the precinct was written on the ballot when it was handed or mailed to the voter)
Very interesting maps, Damon.  Thanks.  The transfer tax passed only in my home precinct.  Don't let anyone tell you that I have no influence! ;)

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