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The Independent Weekly ran a story by Fiona Morgan last week about the Orange County Democratic Party. They are experiencing an influx of Dean supporters which is giving the overall party a boost in organization and momentum.

As for Dean's mantra of "taking back the party," [Orange County Democratic Party Chair Barry] Katz says he would like to see it happen. "On a local level, re-establishing a party that exists independent of its candidates but exists to support its candidates, that's taking back the party. And that's what's happening in Orange County." - Independent Weekly, 3/17/04

Our county party also has a long platform addressing a number of important issues that the state party would probably rather us not mention, like the PATRIOT Act, suspicious voting machines, etc. I am really glad to see this kind of progressive activism in the party, and it almost makes me want to get involved. However, I have a dilemma.

In 1992 I was already quite skeptical of the party, but volunteered for the Clinton campaign anyway. What an amazing feeling it was to road trip up to his inuaguration with my friends and feel like a part of the winning team for a change. Then he turned his back on gays immediately and it was all downhill from there. The Democratic Party will probably never have my support, although I will continue to grudgingly vote for their state and national nominees.

However, I know Orange County is different. There are so many great people involved with the party here including most of our elected officials (especially Senator Kinnaird), and lots of folks working in their own precincts, and I want to support the work they're doing. Hence my dillemma: with the upcoming party convention in April and caucuses in July, you have to be a registered Democrat to play. Should I change my "U" to to a "D?"



I urge you to join the Democratic Party. Our policies are craftily designed by trustworthy people whom you don't know, but theyunderstand that Bush is basically on the right path but going just a little too fast. So I urge you to join with us - we are heading straight for the same brick wall, but not at the reckless rate of speed that the Republicans are.

"U.S. Justice Department Approves N.C. Legislative Maps

Ruling Affirms July 20 Primary Date"

To me unaffiliated means unprincipaled.

That's funny, I don't think I've EVER been called "unprincipled" before!

Todd, has it occurred to you that there are more political philosophies and parties than the 2 or 3 recognized by the state?


You are clearly a principled person. So join the party!

Ruby, has it ever occured to you that Democrats and Republicans control nearly every elected seat in federal, state, and local politics. Therefore, we either pick the party that comes closest to our beliefs, or throw votes away to Ralph Nader, etc. Doing the later is principled, but crazy.

I don't believe in many things affiliated with the Republican party, but I am still a Republican. Eg. I do not care a bit if gay people want to get married. They have some legal battles to win first.


I have to say, since I moved to the triangle area I have been consistently impressed with quality of local progressive politics/activism. [Despite the neo-cons that surround us.] This area has allot to be VERY proud of.

I am especially inspired by the people working hard for justice. The advocacy in this part of the world really makes a difference locally and globally. Witnessing this has made me shed almost all of my apathy as it relates to change. I’ve seen disaster averted and lives improved. (Not all the time but hey, the world ain’t perfect.)

So in a gesture of giving back I’ll join the Democratic Party if you will Ruby. But I will reserve my right to bail if its leaders do stupid shit. Hopefully great people like Mark K will keep me in the fold.

Hey Ruby- Just a minor correction, the caucus is in April, and the primary for everything other than President is in July. And YES you should join the Democratic Party!

The OrangeDems platform is an extraordinary document.

Our local party is also a great forum for debate on some of the most exciting and often controversial issues of the day from local government issues to state, national and US foreign involvement. (Precinct meetings and especially County and District Conventions)

It's too late to make your precinct meeting, which was held back on March 9th in most precincts.

Despite the occasional periods of disgust I have with some of our higher elected officials, I don't think the Dems are worthy of writing-off. Democrats from our community have played an important part in defining debates in the legislature and in congress. Without their voices, I shudder at the kinds of "compromises" that would have been reached by others in their absence.

I participate in local Democratic Party activities for all these reasons, the opportunity to meet with my neighbors for interesting discussions and debates, help draft platform planks to advance interests important to me and our community, and to help support and strengthen the voices of office holders from our area.


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