Pet Food Drive

We're hosting a pet food dirve at Carrboro Plaza Vet this month to donate to local shelters.  Animals don't have a voice and so we as community must be that voice that makes their needs heard.  And hunger is a most basic need.  To be honest this is the first time I've ever heard of a pet food drive, but hopefully it wont be the last.  If things go well I am going to try to make this into an annual event.  You can check out the website for details:

We're collecting food already & you can stop by any time during business hours to drop canned or bagged pet food off, but the big event will be friday the 19th between 12 & 2pm.  During that time frame we will also be collecting food for a human food bank as well, as we participate with WCHL1360's Cash & a Cause event where people can bring canned food, have WCHL decals placed on their car, and get a chance to grab out of cash grab bag with envelopes containing up to $1000.  I'm also told there will be pizza at the event (provided by Amante's), as well as live radio coverage from WCHL, and the local shelter will have some people setting up and staffing a table as well.  A special thanks also goes to Suntrust in Carrboro for hosting a display about this Pet Food Drive.  Things are going well so far, the clinic itself, and some employees on their own got us off to a good start with donations, and several clients & individuals have started donating as well.  We will also have for sell Carrboro Plaza Vet Tote Bags & Frisbees to raise money for our charity case fund.




Thanks for posting this, Jake. Do you know where the donated pet food will go?  Is it for a local shelter? Which one?

(sorry if this posts twice, I tried posting it before & it didn't seem to work, I may no have been signed in, but I had more to say this time)

Yeah, definitely local.  We wanted this to be a community event.  I tried reaching out to a few shelters a while back, but they were the only ones that expressed interest as I recall.  Thom Freeman (who also does alot of work with the Independent Animal Rescue) and another shelter employee from there will be setting up a table for those 2 hours or so for the event.  IAR's website is here if you want to know more about them:

The human food I think is going to a eastern NC food bank I believe, that was set up through WCHL, but we decided to add on the pet food drive aspect and give it the local flavor.

We will also be selling those tote bags & frisbees for our charity case fund, in addition to selling them out of the store, at a Dog Expo in the Anderson Park not too far from Carrboro Plaza Vet on Sept 27th in the morning.  I know that event starts at 9 and goes for a few hours.  So if any is interested in more pet related community events that could be a fun one to come out too since many animal related groups will be setting up tables & booths.

We are going to try to start the event a little earlier to give more people time to come by as early as 11:30 this friday

(I'm posting from work so I don't have access to my auto-saved name/pass & can't figure it out w/ out it... how sad is that?)
I'm going to be on the morning show with Ron Stutts talking about this Food Drive =)
Stop by the clinic if you get a chance!
We Raised over $200 for the various pet & people hunger charities, and probably about 200 pounds of pet food for the local shelter as well!
Check us out on facebook too!
As spearhead of this Pet Food Drive I hope to make it an annual event!Our lucky $1000 prize winner being interviewed at the clinic by local Radio News star Ron Stutts.The clinic owner, Dr. Sheri Randell, being interviewed on WCHL Radio 1360AM.
A special thanks to the support from WCHL & from the Orange County Animal shelter for helping to make this event a big success!Our Pet Food Drive was getting off to a good start at this point.
I didn't want to start a new thread for a similar theme, but Dr Marin & myself will be at the Dog Expo in Anderson Dog Park (which is near Carrboro Plaza Vet).  We'll have a table set up with info about the event, and we've collected some more pet food since then that we will be giving to the shelter which will also have a table set up at the event.  And we are still collecting for our pet charity fund by taking donations and selling Carrboro Plaza Vet Frisbee's & Tote bags... I expecting the Frisbees to be popular at the dog park if the weather holds out.

Woohoo!  I'm so happy about this.  It took a lot of work for me to make this happen, but we (Carrboro Plaza Vet) won best vet in the triangle: Hopefully it'll help get us more attention before out Pet Food Drive starts again.  The Pet Food Drive I started last year is going to be an annual thing.  We are going to make it a month long thing starting on the first friday in July, and ending on the first friday in August with our grand finale event around lunch time (which will also be my last day at the vet clinic as full time employee, before going off to grad school).   It looks like a lot of places did well in our corner of the triangle... anyone see any of their favs on that list?


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