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It seems quite likely that North Carolina could face a recount, so these numbers may change. (And they are never considered truly "final" until certified by the Board of Elections anyway.) But here's how Orange County voted, according to the NC Board of Elections, so far. I don't think any adjustments will change the outcome of these very decisive local races.


David Price (i) (DEM)
William (B.J.) Lawson (REP)

N.C. Senate 23:

Ellie Kinnaird (i) (DEM)
Jon G. (Greg) Bass (REP)

County Commissioner, At-large:

Bernadette Pelissier (DEM)
Kevin Wolff (REP)

District Court Judge, Coleman seat:

Alonzo Brown Coleman, Jr. (i)
Betsy J. Wolfenden

District Count Judge, Devine seat:

Glenn Gerding
Page Vernon


And the following all won in uncontested races:

State Rep, Dist. 56: Verla Insko (i), State Rep, Dist 54: Joe Hackney (i), State Rep, Dist 50: Bill Faison (i), County Commissioner, District 1: Valerie Foushee (i) & Pam Hemminger, County Commissioner, District 2: Steve Yuhasz, Soil & Water Commissioner: Roger Tate, District Court Judge: Chuck Anderson (i) & Beverly Scarlett (i).

Note: click here for statewide results, the other links just show Orange County.




Actually I should have said that they will be counting provisional ballots next. I don't really know if it will come to a recount, and if so, whether that will happen statewide or county-by-county.

And I am grateful that we have a DEMOCRATIC governor to appoint the replacement for Judge Coleman in 7 months when he is required by law to retire.

Note that in the 2006 General election, Rep. Price defeated Acuff 65% to 35%.  All of that outside money Lawson received seemed to do little overall, other than motivate a few Chapel Hill Demorcats to vote for a Republican.

With so many new voters and so much impetus for Obama, a tremendous number of voters voted straight ticket and most did not know about the range of candidates. This greatly tilted the statistics in comparison to 2006.

It would have been interesting to have taken a poll of Democrats with Price's & Lawson's positions spelled out, but with no reference to party affiliation.

Even if you voted straight ticket, you still had to make the effort to vote for Obama.  When we get a chance to look at the data, we will know much more.

 Many people came out to vote just for Obama. They then voted straight Dem ticket while they were there.


I'm very pleased that Cowell won.  My family was fortunate to be represented by her on Raleigh City Council, the state Senate, and now as state Treasurer.  I hope I get a chance to support Janet Cowell for Governor some day.
I'm glad to see Price & so many others I supported did so well.  I figured I'd share some pics from my eleciton night bash... anyone else have pictures or stories to share from their election night parties or events?  Where did you watch at home, in a bar, at a party, with a campaign?


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