New leadership for County Commissioners

With the newly-elected (and newly-districted) members of the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) sworn in, they have followed their annual tradition of selecting a new chair and vice-chair of the group. This is a leadership structure that is quite different from other elected bodies in the county in that the chair has similar responsibilities as a Mayor would have in a municipality, but the seat rotates among the members in a very egalitarian fashion so that every commissioner in recent memory has served at least one year at the helm.

What I found especially interesting is that this year's chair will be Valerie Foushee (an African-American woman) and the vice-chair will be Mike Nelson (a gay man). I point our the demographics not because they are sole qualifications - both are bold, smart, and experienced leaders - but because I actually wonder if both might be historical firsts. Also, I'm proud that their "minority" status is such a non-issue that voters and their colleagues on the board have recognized their leadership status without a fuss.

I still remember folks saying in 2006 that some parts of the county would never go for a gay candidate. I'm so glad we are taking steps toward putting those cowardly politics behind us.



I like the rotating chair structure of the BOCC.   My experience in working with the BOCC membership is that they are all  well versed in overall county matters (as well as their areas of particular interest), and it's my opinion that the rotating leadership role plays a part in enhancing this broad  understanding.   When you have to lead a group, you have to be a very knowledgeable generalist.     

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Why don't you update or redirect the other page? I found it earlier today by navigating on the Orange County web site.

In related news:

School board members selected Lisa Stuckey
chairwoman and Mike Kelley vice-chairman. Stuckey had been serving as
vice-chairwoman, and her school board term expires in 2009. Kelley's
term expires in 2011.-

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