Techies Take Note

The future of our cell phones and other technology. Interesting stuff.


In that article, in discussing one person they talk to , the paper says "He's on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Flickr. He carries a Blackberry
and documents his family life on the Internet, down to the minutiae of
sneaker shopping and photos of his Thanksgiving plate. Last week, he
and his kids ordered a Domino's pizza and tracked its status online --
from prep to oven to box to "delivery expert." Then he blogged about it." How can he get any work done?  Perhaps the amount of work that someone is expected to get done in a day will have to be reduced, accordingly.  What is lost in productivity is made up for in interconnectedness.  Mabye that is not a bad trade-off.  Still, I suspect that people will be losing their ability to concentrate with all this going on, reducing the amount of information that they can actually understand, which is not a good thing.  I can barely tie my shoes without wanting to see if anybody read my latet OP comment.  But that's just me!


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