2009 Kodak American Greenways Program Grants


The Program operated by The Conservation Fund invites land trusts, local governments, and other organizations to submit proposals for small greenway project grants. Funded projects typically advance one or more of the following Program goals: 

  • Catalyzing new greenway projects
  • Assisting grassroots greenway organizations
  • Leveraging additional money for conservation and greenway development
  • Promoting use and enjoyment of greenways

Most grants range from $500 to $1,000. The maximum grant is $2,500.


The 2009 application deadline is June 30.

[All applications must be submitted electronically.]


Could we use this to get some granite-fines (or other surface) applied to the spurious alternate exit that has developed at the Carrboro end of the Libba Cotton Greenway? (Particularly the spots under the trees that turn into mud-pits in rainy weather?


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