I remember the disappointing results in key elections in 1993, when Democrats, fresh off a tremendous Presidential victory in 1992 became complacent and Republican activists got upset and activated.  New Jersey’s incumbent Democratic Governor, Jim Florio was knocked out of office.  That same year, Republicans seized control of the Virginia Governor’s Mansion, bringing us George “Macaca” Allen. The following year, Democrats crapped out in a horrendous way giving up US Senate and House seats across the country, including many ‘safe’ seats such as Rep. David Price’s NC-4 seat.  I remember well seeing David just days before the elections in the Pit and saying, “Well, David, you should be fine.”  He said, “The thing that worries me is when people say that.”  He wasn’t being rude, but I could tell he wasn’t kidding.  And I was absolutely floored when he was defeated a few days later by the hopelessly incompetent former Raleigh Police Chief Fred Heineman (the man who said his $100,000+ salary made him ‘lower-middle’ class). Hopefully you all remember those dark days as well as I do.  And I have to tell you, I am getting that sinking 1993 feeling right about now.  The results in the Wake County School Board election earlier this week are appalling.  A clean sweep for those who want to end the Wake County school diversity program (Hello, 1971!)  How did these Constitutionally-challenged candidates carry the day?  By tapping into parent outrage over bussing?  Maybe, but I think it was much more a matter of Democrats thinking that they have already won all the battles and complacently sitting at home on election day. Bellwether races across the United States are trending Republican right now.  The incumbent Democratic Governor of New Jersey, Jon Corzine is on the ropes.  And things also look bad for Virginia’s Democratic Gubernatorial candidate, Creigh Deeds, despite being up against a man who says he wants to put women back in the kitchen.  How can this be?  Where is the new America that President Obama’s election heralded?  I’ll tell you where it is:  Sitting on its butt at home thinking how much better things are now than they were under President Bush. People, now is not the time to be sitting back taking it easy.  Progressive voters of Orange County need to stand up and be counted – this November 3 as well as in the congressional and legislative elections next year.  The sum total of results in hundreds of races across America this November will define our mood as a nation, and set the stage for holding our own in the 2010 Congressional midterm elections, or suffering a 1994 style crushing defeat, leaving President Obama paralyzed by a Republican Congress. So let’s all get off our behinds and get to work – to show that progressive voters are proud of what we did in 2008 and are ready to carry forward that momentum through 2009 and into 2010.  If you aren't involved in a campaign for Mayor, Alderman, Town Council, or School Board right now, you need to get involved RIGHT NOW!  If you think everything is going to turn out fine in November, just because this is Orange County, then think again.  And call your favorite candidate today to ask how you can get involved.



Do you know this or are you assuming?

Mark--you've spent a lot of time attacking Matt C without once saying what it is about Mark K that you support, except that Mark is a "progressive." What does that mean to you and how does Mark illustrate? What has Mark done to demonstrate leadership in your opinion? I think we would all be better served if we stuck with sharing our reasons for supporting individuals that in pursuing diviseness. Hopefully people vote FOR a candidate rather than AGAINST one.

Shortly before the deadline.  Apparently there was some confusion (perhaps on my part).  Lisa and I have communicated and I believe they are going to post it on their site -- as well as the address for my web site  If for some reason they are not able to do so we will post it on my site.N.B. As is  obvious from the above I have an account on Orange Politics and never post anonymously

They should never have printed that you did not submit the questionnaire.


one from you for your ''blowing off" assumption.

is an assumption? Get real. 

I believe Joe Schwartz is also going to post--or has posted on this topic-- but we did not get a questionnaire from Matt C. by the Sept. 14 deadline. We did get one from him later, but unfortunately, it was not our questionnaire, so we didn't post it. Then  I received one last night and I forwarded it to Joe, being that I'm allegedly on vacation. But after Joe examined it, it was again, the wrong questionnaire and according to Joe, identical to his 2007 Council questionnaire. 

I just spoke with Matt in an effort to clear up the Indyquestionnaire confusion. We errantly sent our 2009 questionnaire with a 2007header, but with fresh questions. This was later corrected for the candidates.He submitted his 2007 questionnaire, including his town council campaign Website and other old information. He is trying to find his 2009 response, and wewill post it as soon as it's received. He offered that no apology was needed. 

I guarantee that the Independent reporting that he did not respond to the questionnaire affects how the readers view him. The right thing to do is to prominently correct the record.



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