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...YOURS! You regulars know the drill: this is a special rules thread. Only write about who you are voting for (or would be if you lived in their district) and why you support them.  

Other topics and criticism of candidates is welcome on other posts, see



I've known Barry since meeting him through a mutual friend and volunteering for his first campaign 12 years ago. Now he's running for a fourth (and probably final) term on the Board of Commissioners.  I don't agree with every vote of ANY single elected official, and Barry is no exception. But I have found him to be smart, hardworking, and open-minded.He brings a deep understanding of many critical issues facing the county such as smart growth, affordable housing, environmental preservation, economic development, and social justice. He has the experience to know the people and history on these issues, and knows how to get things done. There's no part of the county that Barry doesn't care about and hasn't worked to improve, for example he has worked for the creation of a downtown Carrboro library in addition to helping to create the existing Cybrary and supporting increased funds for the Chapel Hill library.Also, I helped to create his web site, so I hope you'll visit it. :-) 

Tuesday  I will be voting for Barry Jacobs.He takes his work with seriously,studies the issues,listens to all sides and makes his decisions based on what is best for the county,not on political winds.I trust Barry to do what is right for our countyAlderman Jacquie Gist

Senate:  Secretary of State Elaine MarshallCounty Commissioner:  Joal BrounSheriff:  Clarence BirkheadJudges:  Jane Gray & Leto CopelyWhy Elaine?  Polls the best for beating Burr, strong background as Sec of State & Former State Senator both in breaking glass cielings but also in taking on special interests, best on gay rights, & to quote Marcoplos she is the "only antiwar candidate"  (That said, I'd happily vote for Cal in November if he makes it past the primary - I especially like his history of supporting Voter Owned Elections.  Ken I'd support too, although Public Policy Polling with their new data yesterday is calling this a 2 person a race, and viability against Burr is an issue to consider even if its not the top issue)Why Joal and Clarence?  A combination from hearing good things about them from people's opinions who I respect, and liking the idea of new blood in government.  That said Barry seems great too, I expect he will win the primary, and I will happily vote for him in November. Why Leto and Jane?  Leto has a strong background, and I've heard a lot of good things about her from a friend who is supporting her campaign.  And Leto and Jane got all the right endorsements.  (Equality NC, and the Indy, and I liked what I read about them in the OCDP voter guide)

Can I just say ditto?  My reasons may slightly differ, but I'll be voting same slate.

I support Joe . He has promised to help lower our taxes and brings a fresh perspective to County Government .

I'm endorsing Renee Price for Orange Cty. Commissioner District 2 even
though I don't live there - she's on the Commission for the Enviornment
with me and knows local government and local politics and how
everything works in the county. -Bryn

After the way the current commissioners completely ignored and disrespected the thousands of Orange County residents really concerned about their property valuations and the rapid rise of property taxes especially in the valuation years, I cannot in good conscience support any of the incumbents running.They also insulted us all by r3defing revneue neutrality intio a property tax raise for most residences and ahd the nerve to patt themselves on the back for doing this.I'm leaning towards Price and Broun and am concerned about some of the statements by other prople running about allowing (it seem like unlimted) growth along the 40 corridor.  

Amoose, can you please click the [edit] button beneath your comment and rephrase your statement only in terms of support? Your critique and concerns about the incumbents is welcome on any other post here.

I apologize if I have not conformed to the rules but the why of my endorsements is mostly because of the why nots. I am not certain where to look for the edit button. I don't see it while writing this reply nor do I see it in the actual psot. I'm probably not understanding what you are referring to. Am not the greatest typist and don't have alot of time to go over these posts and would love to figure out how to use a spell checker if that is what you are talking about.

I think the edit button goes away after someone comments on your post

I think the comments would be more interesting if folks were free to explain their choices. Elections always have an element of voting against somebody.

It was certainly an interesting US Senate field with lots of good candidates. I first met Elaine Marshall in 1972 when we both worked on the McGovern for President campaign.  Marcus Williams was UNC student body president 1974-1975 (when I was on town council) and I worked with him on a lot of town-gown issues that year,  Call Cunningham was student body president 1995-96 and we talked about local government issues back then, plus I worked with him during his State Senate term.


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