Early Voting Totals

The Board of Elections has added early voting turnout numbers to its website.  Click on our website  http://www.co.orange.nc.us/elect/ and then click on Early Voting Totals in the box with 2011election information to access the daily report. 

 We were at 531 as of end of day Friday.

 Jim White, BOE Chair



So Patterson is up almost 3 times as much as last time around?  That's a striking amount.  It'll be especially interesting to compare the totals of 2011 and 2009 for Patterson once you throw in election day itself.Did all the regulars just vote early instead, or were a lot more people fired up this time around?  I imagine the convenience of the Seymour Center voting location helped too.I actually ended up voting there myself.  I went to the new downtown place, but barely missed it because they were closing up (I live closer to the Planetarium so I would have made it on time for that place, but I’m not someone who would be detoured from voting by having to go to multiple locations).  But the Seymour Center was open much later so I just drove on to that location.I wonder if anyone tried to go to the Planetarium to vote this year?  I haven't even paid attention to see if there were any signs up around that area directing people to the correct locations. 

I wouldn't guarantee 100% accuracy of this (I know there are mismatches like my name is a "Junior", and doesn't track well everywhere), but it looks to me like 115 of 2009's 484 have voted already this year.   

I tried matching it up by Voter ID Number. It still didn't get everybody, since I don't have folks who registered and voted on the same day in my voter list. But looks to me like of the 354 IDs I could easily match, 136 (about 38%) were not Chapel Hill residents: of those, 78 are in the CHCCS district and could have voted in the the school board race, and 68 could only have voted on the tax referendum.

With stats through SATURDAY's early voting: Early Voters             Total Voter RegistrationD  62.1%                      D 51.0%R  14.0%                      R 17.8%U  23.8%                      U 30.1%  



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