Campaign Signs

Now that the November Election is over, how about all the candidates and groups go out and retrieve their campaign signs.



The candidates are working closely together to get them cleared as quickly as possible. Thanks to Will Raymond for organizing the cleanup effort:

Sign clean up plan looks great for the polling locations.  Someone told me today there were "signs all over the place" still at Seymour Senior Center.  I've not been, but someone might want to check that location.  Thanks for the clean-up.

As I've been tromping around picking up signs, it has occured to me that the candidates in the next cycle should consider an agreement to forego signs and rely on car magnets.  The clean up is so much more efficient! 

Good idea, but you can't post them visibly in your yard!

Freakin' A - isn't about time to take down all your signs? We have a feeling you're going to want to use them again  in four years anyway.

It's only two years . . . so maybe just leave 'em up?

Maybe his wife'll pull the MAYOR bumper stickers off and use in May again (they say COMMISSIONER underneath already)


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