Happy New Year

A Happy New Year wish to all the readers, posters, and lurkers who frequent OP and to the Editors who make it run.  A very big wish to Ruby on her new job.  Stay safe, happy and healthy everyone.



And happy new year to you, too!

Thanks so much, George!I also want to thank the whole extended OP Posse (including emeriti) for doing all kinds of great work for Orange County last year (both on OP and the many other things they do) and also being an awesome team to work with. Molly, Jeff, Travis, Jason, Erin, and Damon - you are all wonderful collaborators and friends.

I want to add that in addition to the stuff on the site, the team deserves a lot of credit for live-tweeting numerous public meetings this year.  There were several times this year that OP Twitter coverage was the primary window for the public into a particular meeting.  Thanks to all of you!




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