What Is A Liberal Republican

The Orange County Republican Party defines it self as its 2 favorite presidents are Abe Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. At a recent party meeting this issue came up, and I said openly to this group my favorite Republican Presidents were Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt. There  response was  it makes sense a Republican from Chapel Hill would think that.  I said my third favorite was President Eisenhower. Gary   Kahn



Surely the Republican Party would consider my home state man from Marion: Harding. 

Log Cabin Republicans.

You and me both.

GOProud being the other Republican LGBT group that has been getting the spotlight more often that Log Cabin Republicans these days. Although LCR I think had some lawsuits that helped move the needle a little during the DADT repeal fight.Still, I think it's a long ways off before the Republican Party puts marriage equality and employment nondiscrimination in their NC state and national platforms, and before they have an LGBT caucus with chapters across the state like the NC LGBT Democratic caucus does.


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