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OrangePolitics was never just me, even though some people like to see it that way. When I started this site over 10 years ago I had help setting up the software, and many friends posted entries regularly including local activists, newspaper columnists, and elected officials. There were always a few people I could count on to write some great blog posts, or help monitor the site for spam. After years of sporadic support from a rotating cast of bloggers, Damon Seils encouraged me to formally create a proper editorial board for OrangePolitics in 2011.

We recruited stellar activists like Molly De Marco, Jason Baker, and Erin Crouse to join Damon and me in becoming The OP Posse. We recruited Jeff Miles while still a UNC student, lost Erin and Jason to grad school, and then were very fortunate to be joined by Travis Crayton.

Their leadership has brought you more Happy Hours and candidate meet-and-greets, online candidate forums, and tons of live coverage of local government meetings as well as better organization, commuinciation strategy, and credibility for OrangePolitics. Although I tend to get the credit (or the blame), I only did a fraction of it. This group has been running OP as a team for a few years now, and doing it quite well.

When I came to the monthly posse meeting last fall to tell the group I needed to step down from running OP, I put the site’s future in their hands. I was prepared to let OP ride off into the sunset if they were not willing to take on the responsibility of keeping it going. The editors deliberated, and to my delight they decided to step up to sustain OP with even more time and effort than they were already putting in. Last week’s wonderful Candidate Coming Out Party shows what a great job they are doing.

As Damon announced at the party, I am officially joining him as an Editor Emeritus now. As with other retired editors, this means I will continue to participate in editorial discussions at meetings and by e-mail as I am able, but don’t have the responsibility or authority to make decisions about OrangePolitics. I am so incredibly proud of what we have accomplished in a decade of progressive local political commentary and advocacy, and I know even better stuff is yet to come.

Chapel Hill has changed a lot since I came here with my family in 1973, and so have I. After living in various parts of Orange County for almost 35 years, I am ready for something different. I'm moving to Durham, but I promise to come back and visit often. I may even still share an opinion or three based on over two decades of activism and volunteering here.

Thanks to everyone who wrote, read, responded, and connected for  more than 10 great years of OrangePolitics. It's the combination of all your voices that has made this community so incredibly vital and informative. Here’s to more great things ahead.


I have to believe that you arrive in diapers, but will point out all the same that '73 was 41 years ago! Of course, you may have meant that the place only changed in the last 35 years;-). All the same, OP will not be the same without you, dear woman. Bless Durham for its good fortune. Enjoy!!

I lived in Miami and England for 6 years when I was in high school, hence the mathematical discrepancy. I was 2 when my parents moved here to open the Earth Shoe store on Franklin Street where Gerry and others got their fine hippie fashions.

This explains a lot! Enjoy Durham. American Tobacco Complex is a rockin' hangout and the place really does have some awfully good folks. Now they'll have one more. Jean Bolduc

I can't wait to hear what you think about Durham politics, Ruby! :) Seriously!

Thanks so much, Ruby!  Though I've not been involved in OP (yet)...I'm so glad to be aware of it now...and I've ALWAYS been glad I've known you...from the moment I met you I thought you were an ECW (Extremely Cool Woman).  ;-)

Sorry to hear we're losing you to Durham - but I'm glad its close!  Let me know if you need any help moving in/or out...Best to you and your family! Machai 

Ruby, Thanks for serving on town boards, running for council and of course for creating Orange Politics. Have fun in Durham and I look forward to reading your future posts.Loren

Yet another reason to visit Durm!

Ruby,I first came to know you when I joined the Planning Board after serving on the Transportation Board from whence you also transitioned.  You set a high bar for me and others to set our goals.  I have always seen you as someone who believed that fairness and justice for everyone was much more than a platitude.I wish you well in your new home and I can only say that Chapel Hill/Carrboro and Orange County are so much better for having had you here.  You will be greatly missed. The best of everything for you, Brian & Izzy. George

I'm moving to Durham, but I promise to come back and visit often. I may even still share an opinion or three based on over two decades of activism and volunteering here.

I can testify that you can leave but sill participate in Orange County stuff. And I've been gone 30 years. Ruby thanks for all you've done ! I think I even purchased Earth Shoes at your parents store

If you bought Earth Shoes in Chapel Hill in the 1970's, you definitely bought them from my parents store! :-)Thanks for providing a great example of how much value a Chapel Hill expatriate can contribute to the local discourse, Gerry!

There's such a diversity of local entertainment and shopping available and more coming every day, I'm sure you'll enjoy. Thanks for all your efforts to make local politics more transparent.

Thanks for creating this forum for sharing and discussions. I can trace a good bit of my political knowledge and engagement in this county back to this space you've created. I'm glad such a great team will be carrying it on!


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