2014 Primary Election Day Open Thread

Happy Election Day! The polls are already open across the county.

If you're voting today or visiting any polling sites, what are you seeing? Big turnout, small turnout? Issues voting? Something else? Comment and share your observations right here in our open thread.

Also, join us tonight here and on Twitter where we'll be following the results as they come in starting at 7:30pm when the polls close. 



Will stop over at lunch time ish John Rees

Today was my son's first chance to vote. Margaret, Carl and I voted at around 7 AM. Stephens was campaigning and Democratic Party had an info table. We were voters 22,23 and 24.

#27 at 8 am at Sewell. Curious sight: last Sunday I saw a young man with a handful of Chilton campaign signs walking along Estes. When I returned a few hours later, pratically all Chilton signs were missing. Other canidate's signs remained. 

If you had looked on Culbreth road yesterday, you'd have seen me pulling Chilton signs so I could place them around the Scroggs school for today.John Rees

that someone was likely redistributing them to other strategic locations.

Loren makes me get excited about running for re-election in 2017, when my son will be able to vote for the 1st time with me on the ballot!

Yep get the next generation voting. I helped at the Democratic Party table from 5 to 7. Blackwood was campaigning for himself and Brown was campaigning for Bonnie Hauser. Only one voter refused info by saying she was a conservative. By 7PM 400 people had voted. (More than last fall, about the same in 2010.)

You sure we're comparing apples to apples?  2010 #s reported today should include all early voting, while the # on the machine today is just for primary election day.  So we'll have 600 when 2014 primary is done


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