Mayor Meeker says Raleigh is primed to be the world's first open source city. Can we give them a run for the money?


Given my background in technology, this is definitely an area I'd like to spend time on if I get elected to the school board, but I'm not sure it is an issue enough people would understand to flesh out during the election.  You get into so many privacy issues (student and employee both) with schools, but there are certainly things CHCCS can do better on these items: What qualities make a city open source?

  • Willingness to share
  • Willingness to receive information
  • The right attitude to be innovative, creative, and try new things

 The short version of what I'd like to see our schools do goes like this:

  • Wiki for teachers to share great ideas for teaching
  • Post current metrics (schools post the NC schools report card in the lobby today, but it doesn't measure the right things and is always out of date. To improve our schools, we need better accountability measures and more community buy-in -- you can get the latter by letting people know how you are doing for their kids)
  • Understandable budget information, to allow crowd-sourcing of budget discussions

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