Obey Creek's back on the table, and a "major national retailer" is interested


If this get fast-tracked and goes through before Chapel Hill 2020 is completed, I'll no longer wonder whether it's a waste of time... 

It explains why there's resistance to extending the timeline for completion of the Comp Plan.

"Perry told Council members it may be necessary to fast-track the process"Thanks Roger! Just tell us what we need to do to make your plan happen. We're just observers here. 

I think there are more than enough examples on 54 as to why we need to slow track Mr. Perry's develpment plans. We need to study carefully and be able to fully visualize what the final product will do to/for our community. Meadowmont "downtown" can't sustain itself - and the final results is not a transit oriented community as presented initially. East 54 is not visually appealing to many and is not thriving commercially as was planned. We need better development to meet the needs of our community. Fast is rarely better. 

Southern Village - just across the street from Obey Creek - is also having a hard time with it's commercial area.

How so?  I could be wrong, but I think there's only one open storefront.  I walk to my dentist, my daughter's dentist, my daughter's orthodondist, the cleaners, the grocery, the ice cream store, my insurance agent, the theater, restaurants, guitar lessons, my bank, etc. The directory lists 39 retail businesses, not counting the private offices. 

I have talked to some of the merchants in Southern Village. The Cottage Shop is going out of business. It seems like the professional offices are doing well, but the merchants are having a harder time.

I'm shocked to hear that local merchants are being squeezed in this economy :-)  Small businesses have the highest failure rate and are having a tough time all over.  To compare SV as a shopping location you'd have to compare vacancy rates and income per square foot with other retail shopping locations.I'm sorry the Cottage Shop is going out of business, having walked by it nearly every day of its existence.  What do they sell there by the way?   

I was also going by the desperation the merchants expressed during the debate over the SV hotel a couple of years ago. The Cottage Shop sells high-end traditional home goods. Think really high quality sheets and towels, candles, etc. They also split their space with a jewelry store. It will be sad to lose them. Visit before the middle of February, when they switch to an online seller.

God that is weak reporting.As to fastracking...CH seems to be very slow at developing a path. While a path is comendable and it is not worthwhile to dwell on the reasons it is just now in the works, it should be remembered lethargy is not an attribute to anyone's business model.cw   Weakness is provocative.
"One of the most noble things you can do is kill the enemy."-Maj. Douglas Zembiec

What's so weak about the reporting?

For starters the only  quote is  “a major national retailer” ...there were by account given six EEC members there. and upon the para-phrased  it may be necessary to fast-track the process..  we are given nothing from said members to this statement...but what they have said in the past. Leading a inquisitive reader to assume they suddenly all went mute.... This amounts/summarizes to :Rodger came to the EEC and said he has a potential employer actually willing to come to a historically hostile environment/location that others have abandoned to provide jobs and tax revenue but their schedule works on a business cycle/starigem that is different from the EEC... and the EEC said nothing but perhaps nodded their heads either in tacit approval or slumber.That is weak. cwWeakness is provocative.
"One of the most noble things you can do is kill the enemy."-Maj. Douglas Zembiec

A new story on Chapelboro (http://www.chapelboro.com/Obey-Creek-Development-Still-At-Least-Several-...) makes it sound like there is no commitment from any particular national retailer. It looks like Roger Perry was so heavy-handed that they are having to backtrack.


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