Town seeking your input about the "Central West Focus Area." This this quick survey now.


This survey started out OK, but then devolved into overly simplistic pap like asking whether you see this as a residential neighborhood OR the future home of Carolina North, and whether the neighborhood should be preserved OR should change a ton. This kind of blinkered, binary thinking is no surprise given a few of the prominent voices on this committee.

Did you get this from the town itself or is the steering committee of citizens sending it out?

It was sent from the Town staff ( to the Central West e-mail distro list.*(* A sophisticated tool of online government, 188 e-mail addresses on the TO line. I'm still trying to decicde how best to spam them all...)

From the town's email, sounds like it was committee-generated:

"The questionnaire was prepared by the Central West Focus Area Committee, which was appointed in December 2012 by the Town Council to provide ideas for planning the uses, form and intensity in the area. The committee is expected to prepare a report to the Council before its June 2013 meeting; a final plan should be provided no later than December 2013."

I noticed that "shopping" wasn't an option. That must be something that happens in Durham.


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